Roberts Space Industries

Global Freight Shipping / GIO

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Always Seeking New Members


Our Past….. And Present.

  • Started in 2014, Two friends began the journey of crafting a multi-purpose organization that could engage in various activities that would result in a profitable and socially accepting circle of people.


Who Are We?

  • We are an organization of Business magnates, Defenders, Pirates, Traders, and a variety of other members united for the common purpose, self sufficiency.

What are our values?

  • We value respect and perfection. Be it perfection within the corporate ladder, or in the simplest delivery. Our presence will be made entirely through the hard work of our talented members. Today we have more opportunities with competitive features.


  • With an ever growing universe, comes an ever growing economy. We firmly believe in a global economy that requires a web of resources, those that we can provide.

Protective Services

  • For those interested in having a more dangerous life, we offer an exhilarating career in protective services. Anywhere from personal protection to cargo protection to even prisoner escort services, the possibilities are endless for those interested in this career.

Piracy/Illegitimate Practices

  • Finally, if your tastes are for the illegitimate practices: We support our group with questionable practices, we want our members to succeed.



  • Have The Ability To lead your own assigned group of individuals.
  • Referral Benefits for when you bring your friends into the organization
  • Promotional Opportunities/ Side Opportunities

Our Mission

  1. To succeed in the ever growing economy
  2. To ensure financial and personal security of the members.

Ranking System

  • We have it a little different in our organization: When you join, you have the option of branching out into one of two branches of T.I.E. You can choose to be a T.I.E militant (front line soldier, pirate, or whatever the task assigned to you may be) on the battlefront or you can be part of the corporate team (Merchants, Transporters, Manufacturing.)
    Whatever branch you pick there are the ranks as listed below.
  • (Note, All incoming member will automatically be promoted to Rank 2. Rank 1 and 0 are disciplinary ranks, and if you find yourself under these ranks, you will not be allowed to partake in T.I.E missions without proper authorization.)
    Rank 5 General- Corporate Leader
    Rank 4 Captain -Regional Manager
    Rank 3 Sergeant – Supervisor
    Rank 2 Recruit – Employee
    Rank 1 Worm – Temporary Probation
    Rank 0 Rock – Full Probation


  • Treat each member with the respect that they deserve if they tell you to stop and that they don’t tolerate your language stop. If you don’t stop the victim must file a complaint through private message to one of the admins, he/she will then review the situation and assess an appropriate punishment for the offense. Be it demotion or permanent ban from T.I.E.
  • Rules Subject to Change.