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The Immortal Empire / GIO

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Seeking Managers!





Our Past….. And Present.

  • We started our organization with the idea of having a single objective organization. With that being said however, our mission to expand operations and people has substantially grown. Our organization believes in consistant economic and social policy growth and we hope to see you soon among our ranks. How you decide to be is up to you.


Who Are We?

  • We are an organization of Business Magnates, Militants, Defenders, Pirates, Traders, Medics, Legals, and a variety of other members united for the common purpose, self sufficiency. Our group is original in the sense that we offer branching within our organization. Take a look and apply today!

What are our values?

  • We value nothing more within our empire than respect and perfection. Be it perfection through war or perfection through the corporate ladder of transport/trading. We are, The Immortal Empire. Our presence will be made entirely through the hard work of our talented pirates, and ambitious corporate leaders. Today we have more opportunities, many of which we hope you find most favorable.


  • With an ever growing universe, comes an ever growing economy. When you have a membership with T.I.E. You have access to the organization’s resources of Research of Development. Included in this package, there are both ship & cash resources available to use to expand the economic wealth of both you and the organization.


  • Here at T.I.E we offer competitive commissions of shipping of cargo whether you wish to captain your own ship with T.I.E’s complementary escort service or fly and defend your fellow comrade while in flight. Either way, upon the success of the mission you will receive a comforting commission to appease your needs.

Protective Services

  • For those interested in having a more dangerous life, we offer an exhilarating career in protective services. Anywhere from personal protection to cargo protection to even prisoner escort services, the possibilities are endless for those interested in this career.

Piracy/Illegitimate Practices

  • Finally, if your tastes are for the illegitimate practices: We support our group with piracy/ Illegal practices so long as you pay a small percentage to the overall organization and exempt ALL MEMBERS of T.I.E. From piracy, robbing, etc. The proceeds of the percentage will go to build towards our goal of a bigger armada and to support newer members of our group to the best way possible. That way we continue to move forward with our income and become a much more powerful Syndicate. As the soldiers of T.I.E we are meant to steal cargo but to PROTECT our cargo. We are the front line soldiers for our business, do not think by joining us we only care for offensive prowess but also defensive prowess.


T.I.E. Reinvestment Program™

This program allows members of the program to invest into T.I.E. By
doing so, a member becomes shareholder of the Corporate side of TIE. With the funds invested, they
are distributed all over the organization to put to appropriate investment use. As an investor you have
complete access to our investment portfolio and are entitled to dividends. Read more about it here



  • Higher Ranking Officers Are Entitled To their own Sub-Channel in our Official TS3 Server
  • Have The Ability To lead your own assigned group of individuals.
  • Referral Benefits for when you bring your friends into the organization
  • Promotional Opportunities/ Side Opportunities

Our Offers

  • We offer competitive commissions, benefits, pension, and promotion from the inside. Commissions are solely based on the performance and success of the mission in which you partake. Benefits that you as a member will receive is the sense of security with our internal protective services 100% complimentary to the member (paid for by the organization). Promotion opportunities are very high with the supply of open positions within our ranking system (see rank chart below). If you do well, understand and abide by the rules, expect a promotion! We are also beginning to offer a pension and a 401k type system which we will integrate into the game for a financial security.

Our Mission

  1. To succeed in the ever growing economy
  2. To ensure financial and personal security of the members.
  3. To grow with our eye on galactic domination.

Ranking System

  • We have it a little different in our organization: When you join, you have the option of branching out into one of two branches of T.I.E. You can choose to be a T.I.E militant (front line soldier, pirate, or whatever the task assigned to you may be) on the battlefront or you can be part of the corporate team (Merchants, Transporters, Manufacturing.)
    Whatever branch you pick there are the ranks as listed below.
  • (Note, All incoming member will automatically be promoted to Rank 2. Rank 1 and 0 are disciplinary ranks, and if you find yourself under these ranks, you will not be allowed to partake in T.I.E missions without proper authorization.)
    Rank 5 General- Corporate Leader
    Rank 4 Captain -Regional Manager
    Rank 3 Sergeant – Supervisor
    Rank 2 Recruit – Employee
    Rank 1 Worm – Temporary Probation
    Rank 0 Rock – Full Probation


  • Treat each member with the respect that they deserve if they tell you to stop and that they don’t tolerate your language stop. If you don’t stop the victim must file a complaint through private message to one of the admins, he/she will then review the situation and assess an appropriate punishment for the offense. Be it demotion or permanent ban from T.I.E.
  • Rules Subject to Change.