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We exist to improve the visibility of women in the Verse and invite any and all who support that cause to swell our ranks.


We are cut from the same cloth as the /r/GirlGamers subreddit, and enter into the Star Citizen universe with the same ambition and cause.


We fight to improve the status quo of gender inequality in the Verse. We welcome all those who identify as women, and all those who support our cause, regardless of gender. Our cause is all-enveloping and seeks to alter the very foundation of the community by toppling the misconception that women have no interest in this grand experiment of Star Citizen.


Anyone may join our organization, as long as they hold the belief that people of all genders deserve to be represented equally and should not be forced to hide themselves from the public eye out of fear of persecution or harassment.

We follow Wheaton’s Law to the letter and invite you to join our cause.