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Welcome to Gladiators

We are a Paramilitary organization founded on the core principles of: Unity, Honour, and Security.

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The Elysium system has long been home to turmoil, strife, and battle, this is reflected in the faces of its people, both Human and Tevarin. A system mired in the past, a relic of a time long gone that struggles to adapt and keep pace in the face of a rapidly evolving and ever expanding galaxy. Long plagued by skirmishes between Tevarin Loyalists and the less tolerant of Humanity, the emergence of Tevarin Senatorial candidate Suj Kossi has done nothing but fan the flames of animosity and remind the people of a past best left forgotten. On top of all this, therecent Vanduul attacks on UEE space have set the entire system’s teeth on edge, it feels as though everything could come tumbling down at the slightest breeze.

In spite of all the bitterness, resentment, and anger swirling like a devastating tornado, a small flame has been lit, a ray of light in dark and stormy seas. A group of resourceful people have risen and joined together to hold onto what little is theirs, with their sights set on the sky and restoring some semblance of normalcy back into their home. Not only are they strong fighters and fearsome pilots, they are the common folk, the traders, miners, doctors, and explorers, anyone is able and encouraged to sign up and fight in any way they can. With a focuson stemming the tide of Vanduul, pirates, and those looking to profit from the suffering of others,many Elysians have rallied behind them and given them a name of pride and reverence. A name to honour the brave few who stand against the wicked many.

The Gladiators


2000 Members!

2000 members as of 2949-08-25 of which 980 main members.

1500 Members!

1500 members as of 2949-02-16 of which 703 main members.

1000 Members!

1000 members as of 2948-10-14 of which 415 main members.

750 Members!

750 members as of 2948-07-19 of which 268 main members.

500 Members!

500 members of which 2948-04-28 of which 118 main members

2947-12-28 – 250 Members

2947-11-25 – 150 Members

2947-10-19 – 50 Members

Founded the Gladiators!!!

Gladiators organization was created as of 2947-09-11.


Our intentions, are to create and maintain a secure space for our members and the public on and around Elysium to ensure a thriving economy, safe from any shape or form of malicious intent.

We believe, in safety through order. Order is a necessary component of a safe and secure region of space, we aim to be that order.

Our vision, is that united we can withstand and repel any force that would dare to threaten what we have achieved and sworn to protect.

Join us, and ensure the safe and prosperous growth of Humanity!


Gladiators rules and policies

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our Organization’s rules, the following behaviour will not be tolerated:

-Cheating or using exploits.

-No excessive language.

-Racism and other derogatory behaviour.

-Piracy and other offensive behavior that will negatively impact the name of the Gladiators.

-Keep any Gladiators channels free of Grey Market conversation, take it to the appropriate servers and forums.

-Treat all server members with respect, a disagreement or debate is acceptable, name-calling and insults are not.

-Respect other member’s personal info and privacy, Doxxing will result in a ban.


Find info about our ranking system and basic org structure here