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Roberts Space Industries ®


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    Bounty Hunting



2000 Members!

2000 members as of 2949-08-25 of which 980 main members.

1500 Members!

1500 members as of 2949-02-16 of which 703 main members.

1000 Members!

1000 members as of 2948-10-14 of which 415 main members.

750 Members!

750 members as of 2948-07-19 of which 268 main members.

500 Members!

500 members of which 2948-04-28 of which 118 main members

2947-12-28 – 250 Members

2947-11-25 – 150 Members

2947-10-19 – 50 Members

Founded the Gladiators!!!

Gladiators organization was created as of 2947-09-11.



Code of conduct.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our Organization’s rules.

The following behaviour will not be tolerated:

- Cheating or using exploits.
- Excessive language.
- Racism, sexism, ageism or other derogatory behaviour.
- Piracy and other offensive behavior that will negatively impact the name of the organization or associated organizations.


- Keep any channels free of Grey Market conversation, take it to the appropriate servers and forums.
- Treat all server members with respect, a disagreement or debate is acceptable, name-calling and insults are not.
- Respect other member’s personal info and privacy, Doxxing will result in a ban.