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‘It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.’

Mumble Info, Label: Ares Address: Port: 11110


Ares was first formed back in 2010, it was created out of the necessity of having an agency that was competitive and fun at the same time, back then there was only two types of agencies, the unorganized ones that never accomplished anything and the hardcore ones, the ones that have so many rules that they were no fun at all, more than having fun, it felt more like a stressful job.

The first game where Ares made an appearance was in Global Agenda, Werelupus was the founder and leader of that agency, unfortunately, the game was full of aimbotters, consequently, gamers left the game and it died. Ares always had skilled players and if anyone got caught using an aimbot, that member was kicked out of agency, Ares has zero tolerance for cheaters, on Ares last season, 1st placed was obtained and agency retired.

Ares was reformed on Tera under the name “Crimson Death” where I had the honor to co-lead with Brokenfrog, but at the time once you reached level 60 in that game, it stopped being fun so guild was disbanded.

A few of it’s members now, once in a while play together in some games like League of Legends, Star Conflict, Left 4 Dead 2 and several others but nothing like it used to be in Global Agenda.

Well, a few of the former Ares members talk me into starting an organization in Star Citizen with the same values Ares was formed, the reason the feeling is so strong they tell me and I feel it, is that Ares more than a group, felt like family, there was true camaraderie among it’s members and that was something the rest of the agencies simply didn’t have.

Now Ares takes on this new adventure and only history will decide what lies in the future for us.

Mumble Info, Label: Ares Address: Port: 11110

Brokenfrog, Icansmite and Werelupus


Ares is here two accomplish two things, one is to be competitive and the other is to have fun while doing it. Ares doors are open to any individual, from the regular gamer to the hardcore who’s looking for a home, for that gamer who loves to achieve and enjoy a game but at the same time has a life outside of the game and can not be here at all times.

Ares is not run by rules out of a dictatorship nor is unorganized as to never achieve goals, Ares is run by it’s members, yes with a chain of command in place for it’s necessary to give it direction but acknowledging at all times the importance of every single one of it’s members.

We appreciate the talented gamer who loves to participate and help shape Ares, members like this are invaluable and a must to any successful organization. Ares has always believed in fair play which is the respect, friendship, team spirit, fair competition, respect for written and unwritten rules such as equality, integrity, solidarity, tolerance, care, excellence and joy, all these are the building blocks of fair play that can be experienced and learnt both on and off the game.


Ares rules are simple and they aim to have harmony and discipline within the organization, new rules might be added only if we need them due to unexpected situations but we hope that common sense prevails as to keep everything simple.

1. Never disrespect a team mate, if you have a problem with someone try to talk it over on the side or get an officer involved to resolve the issue.

2. If you’re in a strike force, highest ranking member will be in charge of it unless he passes lead to another member.

3. When playing Star Citizen be on mumble, this facilitates the forming of a strike force at a moments notice.

Playing around with other members is ok and you can play or pick on each other as much as you want, as long as both members are ok with it but if one of the members don’t want to play and you insist then you’ll be breaking the most important rule. In Ares you might get up to two verbal warnings, that’s up to the officer to decide, but a third complaint based on DISRESPECT will get you kicked out of organization.