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Roberts Space Industries ®

Goldshirts / GOLDSHIRTS

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Freelancing

In honor of Mark Skelton/CIG and the love of auctioning the Gold Shirt for a good cause, we aim to be an org where all are welcome. It’s a safe community for gamers with issues, disabilities, challenges, or just looking for friends. All are welcome and treated with great respect!


In honor of Mark Skelton who lived ages ago during the great conception of this verse we live in, we honor him and his fabled golden shirt officially as the Goldshirts. In a parallel universe, it is said we are called Browncoats. But alas, we may never see that dimension thanks to tyranny and lack of understanding.

Mark’s mythical Golden Shirt was said to contain miraculous healing powers. It would spark fellowship and great joy in all whole viewed it. It was lost to the river of time, but legend says of a star faring individual who won the garment, and upon winning, the healing transferred to another.

Time will tell as we travel the verse if this fable is true.

About FVP:
As the father of a daughter with disabilities, I value having a community where gamers can come together and feel safe and accepted. So many people get bashed for being different, having issues or challenges in life, or disabilities. I’m here to tell you gaming with friends is a wonderful healing factor!


We pride ourselves as humble travelers who can transport and sell goods and services. We are not afraid to put up a fight, and have an innate sense of true frontier justice. We are a space family!

Our fleet configuration would ideally be a blend of explorers, transport and smuggling, and escorts. Our pay days revolve around discovery or “acquisition”, transport, and the all around protection of the fleet.

Everyone is welcome. If you don’t have a ship, the sign up to crew with one of our larger ships. Ideally we would form a strong community that fully supports one another.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.