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Welcome to the Space Organisation of GAMESQUARE. Feel free to look around.
Originally based on Planet Earth – Europe – Germany.

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Trade. Secure. Explore.

We are hiring!
See our Manifesto for more information what GQSW can offer to you.


In the beginning …

GAMESQUARE was founded around three decades ago with a primary focus on stock trading. With a high success rate GQ quickly gained a lot of money and influence, while still keeping a low footprint in the media. This was the time the company gained its nickname “Galactic Quantities”.
GQ constantly monitors the different stocks and trading goods with a broad range of products. From minerals to food to weapons everything on the market gets categorized and screened. This was and is the core business of GQ: Virtually moving goods through the different IT systems throughout the galaxy.


Always on the lookout for new business the GQ management decided to expand into new fields.
To reduce the dependencies on other companies to gather resources and feed them into the intergalactic market GQ boosted their own fleet by starting a joint-venture with Steel-Wind (SW) that finally lead to a merger under the lead of GQ, now known as GQSW.

Steel-Wind/SW acquisition

SW with its own fleet had its focus on transporting and exploring duties throughout the star systems under UEE control. As SW tried to get into the stock market to improve the results of finally selling their acquired goods it fitted quite well into the actions of GQ who in return were looking for a transporting option.
The contract was finalized in 2935. So GQSW can now not only trade goods but also acquire these from distant systems to speed up the process to get them fed into the marketplaces, considering their specific local demand.
As a side-effect GQSW, in the combination of stock-trading and transporting, was able to detect changes in demand very early. As offer and demand dictates: Best profit is made with rare and highly-demanded resources. So GQSW focused more and more on transporting rare goods or goods in unsafe territory, so to say as “emergency transport” or “prio-1-flight” to secure and feed the production chains of critical markets.
During this development some Constellation class ships were acquired as these met the demands for transport capacity and firepower far better than the standard Starfarers or Freelancers.


It was crucial to always be in the lead of locating new resources out in space, so a few freelancer were assigned to patrol the outer borders of known territory for new sources of trading goods or material. These few freelancers were formed into the Exploration Section or “EX”.
The Exploration Section quickly became a self-operating business unit with mainly small ships operating at the edges of the UEE controlled territory. Their job is to locate rewarding resources, be it asteroid mining targets or trading options with other tribes and companies.
With the increasing Vanduul activities at the borders and pirates crossing the common jump lanes it became more and more dangerous to do this work. This development lead to the next steps in GQSW transformation.

Escort Section

Due to the increased risk for their transport ships and the explorers GQSW was forced to establish a new company-owned business unit. As security is a critical and costly component it was not a viable option to use external resources. You never known if an escorting freelancer ship just turns out to be a pirate if you’re far enough out in space.
So the management of GQSW hired a former UEE Navy officer to form an internal fighter wing, specialized in small-ship operations in hostile environments and escort services for high-value-freight. The Escort Section is internally known as “ES”.
The mission of ES is to escort GQSWs transports as well as exploration operations as needed.


GQSW now has a broad portfolio ranging from stock market trading over standard transport flights to exploration services – while all ship operations can optionally be equipped with a fitting escorting component.



Mission Statement

GQSW consists of three different business units, reflecting the central mission statement:

These are:

  • GQSW Interstellar Trading Corporation (GQSW-ITC)
  • GQSW Escort Section (GQSW-ES)
  • GQSW Exploration Services (GQSW-EX)

Trade: Interstellar Trading Corporation

GQSW tries to always lead the field in trading. It consists of two independent branches that supplement each other:

  • GQSW-ITC-stocks
  • GQSW-ITC-fly

Branch: GQSW-ITC-stocks:

With 24/7 business on the stock markets and down in the halls of the starports, GQSWs stock market section can be considered as one of the turntables of intergalactic material management. Experts from all over the universe are working together to sell and buy all kinds of goods to keep all demands satisfied.
If you love trading online, join our team of business experts at GQSW-ITC-stocks

Banch: GQSW-ITC-fly:

The transporter section of GQSW-ITC has evolved over the years from flying big, slow transport ships to its current fleet with a large number of multi-role Constellations. While there are still the classic transport ships for short- and long-range very GQSW-ITC-fly focuses on delivering the most wanted and paid-for goods on the dangerous jumplanes.
If a certain material is getting sparse in a certain sector, GQSW-ITC-fly is the company to contact and get your personal transport flight.
While the firepower of our Constellations should be enough in most cases you can always book your additional escort fighter wing.
If flying escorted high-value freight is more of your business, apply for GQSW-ITC-fly

Secure: Escort Section

GQSW-ES delivers escort services to a wide range of customers, but is generally engaged in protecting GQSW’s internal fleet assets during transport or exploration missions.
Equipped with different wings of Origin R300s, Anvil Hornets and some special operations ships, GGQSW-ES is in fact the PMC of GQSW. The pilots are recruited from UEE as well as during special recruiting events on well-known starports.
If you think this is your job, feel free to apply for GQSW-ES

Explore: Exploration Services

GQSW-EX is the specialized explorer’s section of GQSW. Here you can find your place between some of the most experienced but also somewhat weird pathfinders of the universe. Speaking all kind of different languages and knowing the formalities of outposts far out on the edges of known space, the skill profile of a GQSW-EX-pilot is very diversified.
If you want to be out there as far as possible looking for treasures, apply for GQSW-EX



Charter of Business

  • We offer end-to-end services for your best customer experience.
  • We will deliver all the goods you desire.
  • Always find the right place to do the right business.
  • Convincing pirates to hand over their goods to us is a good thing.
  • Vanduul raiders increase price levels, so they are (sometimes) good.
  • Online trading is boring. Let us do the boring work for you.
  • Every service has its price tag, contact us for more information.
  • If you need firepower to get your freight through, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are organized in 5 ranks:

  1. Trading (1 star)
  2. Science & Development (2 stars)
  3. Exploration & Archeology (3 stars)
  4. Security & Defense (4 stars)
  5. Diplomacy & Inner Affairs (5 stars)

Die Anzahl der Sterne gibt nicht die Macht innerhalb der Organisation an, sondern die Zugehörigkeit zu einer einzelnen Sektion. Also je mehr Sterne, desto mehr Kampfkraft bzw. Fokus auf Sicherheitsmissionen.