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Generally Regarded As Not Doing Much Anyway / GRANDMA

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GRANDMA: Where the only deadline is the heat death of the universe.


The Unseen Assembly (2610 – 2650)

In the era following the Second Tevarin War, while the UPE’s attention was turned towards rebuilding and the arts, a different kind of reconstruction was underway in the fringes of the galaxy. A clandestine round table was slowly forming, comprised of the keenest minds from across the cosmos: visionaries, mavericks, and gray market moguls. They called themselves GENERALLY REGARDED AS NOT DOING MUCH ANYWAY, or GRANDMA for short, a title laced with irony and subterfuge.

Veil of Opportunity (2650 – 2681)

The Vanduul’s attack on Armitage was a grim reminder of the galaxy’s vulnerabilities. GRANDMA, now a more cohesive group, operating from the shadows, capitalized on this tragedy. They positioned themselves as the unseen benefactors, aiding the affected while secretly fortifying their own network of influence and intelligence, a network that would operate beyond the jurisdiction of the UPE.

The Shadows’ Bargain (2682 – 2700)

Amidst the turmoil of the galaxy, GRANDMA’s round table recognized the opportunity for profit and power. They established a squad known as the “Eclipse Merchants,” masters of clandestine commerce who dealt in every conceivable type of cargo, whether legal or forbidden. The Eclipse Merchants became the cunning architects of the galaxy’s shadowed trade, ensuring GRANDMA’s influence extended far and wide.

The Cosmic Prospectors (2701 – 2730)

In the quest for resources, GRANDMA formed the “Stellar Prospectors,” a squad of cosmic fortune seekers. These Prospectors scoured the depths of space for precious ores, exotic minerals, and ancient artifacts, enriching GRANDMA’s coffers and solidifying their dominance.

Age of Shadows (2731 – 2780)

As galactic tensions mounted, GRANDMA’s clandestine operations expanded further. They formed the “Obsidian Seekers,” a squad of experts in unearthing forgotten and advanced technology. These seekers roamed the cosmos, recovering derelict ships, abandoned research stations, and hidden caches of cutting-edge tech, augmenting GRANDMA’s arsenal.

The Silent Accord (2781 – 2800)

The covert peace orchestrated by Senator Akari was a boon for GRANDMA’s endeavors. They used the ensuing stability as a smokescreen, expanding their illicit activities into newly peaceful territories. Under the guise of a benign organization dedicated to the greater good, GRANDMA’s influence extended even into diplomatic circles, where the “Whispered Envoys” skillfully manipulated negotiations to safeguard the organization’s interests.

The Grey Guard (2801 – 2830)

In the power vacuum following the Messer Era, GRANDMA established the Grey Guardians. These were the enforcers of GRANDMA’s will, a covert force upholding a twisted order where the lines between lawful and lawless blurred. They became the embodiment of GRANDMA’s double-edged philosophy—guardians in the light, ghosts in the dark.

Silent Surge (2831 – 2860)

With their round table at the helm, GRANDMA initiated a silent surge of influence across the galaxy. They expanded under the guise of legitimate enterprise, while their true power grew in the shadows, unseen by the public eye but felt by those who dared to cross them.

Duality Unveiled (2861 – 2880)

The scandal that erupted shook GRANDMA to its core, revealing the organization’s darker dealings. The schism that followed didn’t weaken GRANDMA; instead, it refined them, as they shed the illusion of unity for a more compartmentalized, elusive structure.

The Invisible Wars (2881 – 2910)

Post-scandal, GRANDMA waged wars not with fleets or armies, but with information and sabotage. They became masters of the unseen strike, toppling enemies with the precision of a surgeon and the ruthlessness of an assassin.

Phantom Prosperity (2911 – 2930)

The discovery of a derelict vessel laden with ancient wares was a pivotal moment. GRANDMA channeled these riches into the black market, funding their shadow operations and entrenching their role as a power broker among the stars.

The Ethereal Codex (2931 – 2940)

This decade was defined by GRANDMA’s public declaration of their Ethereal Codex, a document that outlined their supposed principles. In reality, it was a smokescreen for their operations in the gray areas of morality and law.

Whispers in the Void (2941 – 2950)

As the galaxy moved forward, GRANDMA became the whisper in the void, the unseen maelstrom influencing galactic events from the shadows, their true intentions as enigmatic as the dark side of a moon.

Present Day – Echoes of the Unseen (2951 – 2953)

Today, GRANDMA is an enigma, a legend in the underworld. They are the guardians of a reality that exists in the half-light, where every truth has its shadow, and every deed has its echo in the vastness of space. The round table still convenes, and the Grey Guardians still enforce the will of an organization that thrives on the edge of myth and reality, while the Eclipse Merchants, Cosmic Prospectors, Whispered Envoys, and Obsidian Seekers continue to serve GRANDMA’s elusive cause from the shadows.


In the vast expanse of the universe, we, the members of GRANDMA (Generally Regarded As Not Doing Much Anyway), declare our unique philosophy and purpose. Our journey through the stars is guided by principles that celebrate leisure, camaraderie, and the enigmatic allure of the cosmos. This manifesto is a testament to our identity and our commitment to shaping our own destiny.

1. Embracing the Cosmic Way

We are not mere travelers; we are cosmic wayfarers. We embrace the serenity of space, choosing to drift through the star systems at our own pace. We find solace in the ever-expanding universe and revel in the journey without fixating on the destination.

2. The Art of Laid-Back Exploration

Our hallmark is a laid-back approach to the universe. We encourage our members to explore, engage, and experience as much or as little as they desire. There are no quotas, no deadlines; only the freedom to chart one’s course through the cosmos.

3. A Community of Cosmic Companions

GRANDMA is more than an organization; it’s a community of kindred spirits. We foster a welcoming, humorous, and mature environment where camaraderie flourishes. Laughter is our anthem, and friendships are the stars that light our path.

4. A Shroud of Shadows and Secrets

Like a nebula’s veil, we shroud ourselves in secrecy. Behind the scenes, we navigate the galaxy’s hidden currents, engage in clandestine operations, and safeguard our interests. We are the enigma that lurks in the darkness, a force to be reckoned with when needed.

5. Morality in Shades of Grey

The “Renewal of Principles” is our lodestar. We acknowledge the shades of grey that exist in the cosmos, and we adapt to navigate them. Our charter is both a declaration of ethics and a guide for surviving the murky waters of the law.

6. Guardians and Ghosts

We are the Grey Guardians, protectors of the unprotected and unseen aggressors when necessity calls. Our operations are surgical, our movements ghostlike, and our footprints vanish into the cosmic sands.

7. The Silent Maelstrom

In the heart of galactic politics and economics, we are the silent maelstrom, influencing events from the shadows. We operate in plain sight, appearing as heroes and philanthropists to the public, but our true actions remain concealed.

8. Echoes in the Void

In the year 2953, we stand as an organization that casts long shadows. Our leaders inherit a legacy of secrets and stories left untold, resonating through the silent void of space.

Join us on This Cosmic Journey!

We invite you to chart a course for leisure with GRANDMA. In our ranks, you will find freedom, friendship, and the thrill of exploration on your terms. Whether you seek camaraderie, mystery, or a cosmic adventure, GRANDMA welcomes you to become part of our ever-evolving story.

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This charter serves as the foundational document of GRANDMA (Generally Regarded As Not Doing Much Anyway). It outlines our core principles, values, and organizational structure, shaping our identity as cosmic wayfarers in an ever-expanding universe.


In recognition of our shared love for leisurely exploration, camaraderie, and the mysteries of the cosmos, we, the members of GRANDMA, hereby establish this charter to guide our organization’s journey through the stars. As we drift through the universe at our own pace, let this charter be our guiding light.

Article I: Purpose and Philosophy

1.1. The Cosmic Wayfarers: GRANDMA exists to celebrate the serenity of space, emphasizing the journey over the destination, and embracing the art of laid-back exploration.

1.2. Community of Kindred Spirits: We are a community that fosters camaraderie, humor, and maturity. Our shared laughter and friendships are the cornerstones of our organization.

Article II: Membership

2.1. Open Invitation: Membership in GRANDMA is open to all mature players who resonate with our philosophy and values.

2.2. Freedom of Participation: Members are encouraged to engage in activities as they see fit, with no imposed quotas or obligations. Participation is voluntary.

2.3. Respect and Inclusivity: All members shall treat each other with respect and embrace diversity, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Article III: The Veil of Secrecy

3.1. Clandestine Operations: GRANDMA shall engage in covert activities, safeguarding our interests and navigating the shadows when necessary.

3.2. The Grey Morality: Our members shall adhere to a moral code that acknowledges the nuances of the cosmic landscape, acting ethically even in the grey areas of the law.

Article IV: Organizational Structure

4.1. Leadership: GRANDMA shall have a leadership structure to guide the organization’s activities and make decisions on behalf of its members.

4.2. Grey Guardians: The Grey Guardians shall serve as the covert arm of GRANDMA, responsible for protecting the unprotected and taking discreet actions as required.

Article V: Legacy and Secrecy

5.1. Stories Untold: GRANDMA acknowledges a legacy of secrets, acknowledging that some stories are best left untold.

Article VI: Amendments

6.1. Amendment Process: Amendments to this charter may be proposed by any member and must be approved through a consensus of the membership.

Article VII: Dissolution

7.1. Dissolution: In the event of GRANDMA’s dissolution, any remaining assets shall be distributed in accordance with the consensus of the membership.

This charter is a living document, reflecting the spirit and values of GRANDMA as we continue our cosmic journey.

Adopted on this day, in the year 2953, by the members of GRANDMA.



GRANDMA: Where the stars are our playground, and the universe is our canvas.