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Roberts Space Industries

Gravestone Intergalactic / GRAVESTONE

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‘Gravestone the solution to your problem, behind every Gravestone lies a story’

A group of hardened professionals suited to ensuring the survival and protection of your important assets and personnel. Hire Gravestone and ensure your enemies are the ones dead and buried.



Founded by military and security experts in the year 2944 Gravestone Intergalactic serves on the forefront of defence and security solutions across space. As well as offering other freelance services ranging to the exploration of hazardous regions and cargo hauling, Gravestone continues to make strides in lucrative areas such as mining and extensive resource focused operations.

Respected and feared the mere sight of a Gravestone vessel would urge ill-doers to be cautious as the embodiment of death lumbers across the stars, ready to lay fresh graves upon anyone who dares meddle in their business.

Alongside our security and logistical services, we provide various roles in support of our company that provides us with a sustainable revenue for future operations which includes but not limited to mining and trade whether joining as an affiliate member or as an exclusive full member we have a place for you at Gravestone.

For more information go to our spectrum page. For additional queries, you can also contact Director Grave for further info. We are also available on our Discord in the open Recruitment Lobby. Also see updates on Facebook



Gravestone Intergalactic serves as a reputable and professional private military company that obeys local jurisdictions in its operational areas.

Serving a broad range of clients across various services the company provides from security to haulage, a ruthless enforcer Gravestone Intergalactic carries out ongoing anti-piracy operations to reinforce Intergalactic security across the stars for all.

Gravestone Intergalactic sets out to be a leading player in the defence industry while offering a plethora of freelance services with a talented group of individuals to suit your needs.

Alongside the security-related enterprise, you will find extensive mining operations and resource orientated industry that supports the ongoing expansion of the Paramilitary forces bringing law and order to all frontiers.


Rules for Gravestone affiliates

  1. No member of Gravestone may undertake in any form of piracy or criminal activity in relation to general operations of the company in respect of local law.
  2. All members of Gravestone Intergalactic must respect the chain of command, respecting rank and relevant orders in compliance with rule one and that any questionable orders be reported up the chain of command.
  3. No member of Gravestone is to act independently outside the chain of command in regards to the creation of objectives, making of decisions or perpetration of acts that may harm the companies image or relations with others outside of declared ongoing operations especially if such acts go against charter rules one and two.
  4. No member of Gravestone is to commit any act of harassment upon fellow members, cases of harassment should be reported to a senior officer with the relevant evidence pending investigation and resolution, with weightless claims being subjected to penalization.
  5. Any member of Gravestone caught breaking the following guidelines of the charter will be subjected to an immediate investigation and sentencing with severest penalties including immediate dispensation and elimination if the offences deem such action upon evaluation of the relevant evidence.