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Hello and welcome to The Gray Network. Our organization’s primary goal is to be a non-discriminatory trading hub for people or species from all over the ‘verse.


The Gray Network was founded officially on April 9, 2014. We were originally established to provide a safe platform for other organizations to utilize in their daily trade and commerce dealings for our less than lawful clientele, but over time this has grown to encompass all citizens in the ‘verse and all organizations. This is an ambitious undertaking, but with everyone working together and pushing the network to new heights, there will be nothing we all can’t accomplish. The Gray Network is being built to be more than just an organization. It’s being built to be a home and centralized point for everyone to come together and enhance each others entire experience all throughout the ‘verse.

While it’s true our core functionality is to act as a safe haven and trade hub for all citizens in the ‘verse, we also offer our own range of services as well. Our secondary core function (second to trade) will be Medical Services. We are going to have a full medical team ready to help any and all of our allies as needed, when needed. Our goal is to support the network as it grows and keep all of its valuable members healthy, supplied, and ready for their next adventure.

More functions will be stated and outlined more specifically as we get a more thorough feel for how we can effectively and efficiently support all of the members and affiliates of The Gray Network.


Who we are:
The Gray Network is an open trade organization that forges interorganizational and individual alliances through the purpose of trade and commerce.

What we do:
It is absolutely our mission to be a primary trade hub for any and all organizations regardless of legal standing, race, gender, or any other attributes that may expose an organization or an individual to discriminatory inklings, actions, or inequitable judgement. To lay it out simply: we will serve all citizens in the ‘verse. UEE and outlaw alike as well as everyone in between.

How we function:
The Gray Network is a family and family takes care of one another. That statement could not ring more true here. It encompasses all of our network members from internal membership to other organizations, their individual members, and individuals which are a part of the network.


Internal Organization Membership
The Gray Network will be fairly lenient in a lot of ways, but all of our internal members (Primary and Secondary alike) have rules of conduct that must be followed at all times. Failure to adhere to these rules and/or guidelines for internal members will be handled first within the department they reside and will be subject to escalation if it’s deemed to be necessary.

Affiliation and Network Membership
Affiliates and network members will not be required to follow any of the rules and/or guidelines outlined for internal members, but a certain level of professionalism and personal demeanor will always be expected. Unbecoming or inapt behavior of network organization members will be reported to their organizations leadership for rectification. Individuals exhibiting untoward behavior are subject to network service related restriction or even expulsion from the network entirely; this may or may not include being inducted into our network-wide blacklist. Infractions of allied organizations’ rules and regulations also may be reported.

Internal Organization Member Rules
1. No Stealing, pillaging, sabotaging, destroying, or otherwise bringing malicious intent or action to other members or their property will be tolerated. We operate as a business, not as savages. The only exception to this rule is if you are acting in self-defense (this must be proven or you must have a strong case).
2. We will allow profanity, but bullying, racism, sexism, shaming, or other forms of intolerance also will not be tolerated and will result in membership termination as well as being added to our blacklist. We will carry a zero tolerance policy for this sort of treatment of others.