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Roberts Space Industries

Galactic Robotics Corporation / GRC

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come to live come to GRC

Welcome, we’re looking for new members that are mature enjoy the Social Side of an Organization, and to meet new friends from around the world. If you’re interested join us on the GRC Spectrum channel

By all means, send in an application.


From the pages off the GRC history book, it was determined that Governments of Earth were ineffective in governing Earth, and Earth’s exploration and conquest into space and resettlement’s. A new universal order came into place known as the Great Corporations. These corporations would provided the basic necessities to mankind and provide a future for their families.

The Corporations provided a stability in the known universe that was not seen for a 1,000 years. Human kind started to prosper and this was known as the Great Golden Age II. Arose of the ashes of a burnt out past was the Corporation known as Galactic Robotics Corporation (G.R.C.) was formed. In the beginning, G.R.C was well known for re-population and resource collection missions.

The G.R.C. sought a place in technology development and security.
Thru these endeavors the G.R.C. quickly found itself in the top percentile of Corporations in the Star Citizen Universe. What sets them apart from others is they know every individual has likes and dislikes and as a stable Corporation they were able to locate positions and jobs for every player in the game.

to be continued ……


1. Who are we

We are casual / hardcore gamers we do play other games and meet up on Discord and make new friends . Most of all we have fun, like most of you I have a RL, real life with, RL Things to do work, family. This all comes first. My motto is live work and play. I live this and hope we all can have respect for each other you never know what and how you can help someone. we are a tight group with friends and family. For more information read G.R.C’s mission statement .All so would like to thank you for backing this amazing game. the founder’s of the G.R.C. would like to welcome you . come to live come to the G.R.C.

2. What we plan to do

We plan to explore every aspect of the game: weapon’s, fuel, export, transport, security, and you name it we will have a hand in it. We know how to get what we want by helping members who join us and developing loyalty —- like family. At G.R.C. we will set up shop and start to make UEE an earn as you learn how to play the game. G.R.C is an adult group and have 18+ policy with exceptions to be granted to siblings who are loyal member’s.

3. Organizational Tax code

To be determined by the receiver of taxes and game necessities.
There will be a general meeting on this once Star Citizen takes off.
Mature languages is allowed, but please respectful.

to be continued ……


Surround yourself with Those on the same Mission as you (