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GreenDog Squadron / GREENDOGS

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Exploration
  • Security

The GreenDog squadron belives in freedom from oppression, and freedom from piracy. Traders, Bounty Hunters, and Racers with backgrounds in and ties to the UEE military, we will defend UEE space and it’s citizens from attack by nefarious forces.
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The Greendogs are all former UEE Navy pilots with a varied background and diverse specialties. We met while we were assigned to Squadron 42. After our military tours were complete, we decided to stick together to watch each others backs while making some money, and fighting the good fight. Well equipped for trading, racing, and very VERY well equipped to defend ourselves.


The galaxy is a big place with a lot to see. Humans can only be at it’s best potential to see it if we work together.
We search for jump points, resources, natural wonders, and whatever else is out there. We need to do some trading runs to make some money to support it, and all hell will rain down on any pirates that try to get in our way.


Freedom is the right of all sentient beings… but if someone tries to kill you, you just kill them right back.
We respect life, and freedom for all who do likewise. Any factions that deals in theft, slavery, or murder, should pray that the Greendogs never appear on their radar.