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Roberts Space Industries ®

Green Mountain Conglomerate / GREENMT

  • Corporation
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Trading

Started at Green Mountain now we’re here.


Green Mountain Gaming began in the hostile lands of Chernarus, where a group of good samaritans decided to make a Sanctuary for wandering travelers/traders. Over time, the group grew a few more members, and now each one serves an important role in the Organization, be it a Mining/Gathering role, Exploration/Scouting, Private Security, and Personnel Transport, we do what we can to help out others like we did back on Earth. So come join us for a good time, and stay for the great experience. Remember the Friendlies at Green Mountain!


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Green Mountain Gaming unalienable rights and code of conduct.

I am a Green Mountain Friendly conducting business for the benefit of my organization and myself.

I will always place our team’s goal first.

I will not be unfair towards another individual of my organization.

My philosophy of business and overall conduct is to remain eternally free of corruption (this means strictly NO FRAUD).

I will survive.

I will progress.

I will help.