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Green Water Mining Gunners / GREENWATER

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We are a PMC focused on acquiring resources and engineering mastery.
We accept players of all experience, but those who display commitment and growth while helping their fellow comrades will ascend our ranks and attain special privileges.
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Green Water Mining Gunners is a Private Military Contractor which specializes in engineering and resource acquisition. The organization is a heavily armed neutral force that is self funded by the mining and trade of valuable minerals, gasses, and metals.

Founded in June 2950 by Commander Aces Eman of Stanton, the Green Water Mining Gunners have met a rapid rise in membership due to their attraction to individuals of all experience and specialization. Eman quickly established himself early as a gemstone hauler, accruing a nine-digit sum of wealth in the span of three weeks of extremely dedicated freight operations. Along the way, he appointed skilled officers Pekoni Tako and “Magically Delicious” Nate to assist him in leading the organization. Eman and the leading officers of Green Water have employed a versatile form of leadership, welcoming fresh members to the Stanton citizenry while growing the skills of competent specialists in various fields.

New citizens are given the opportunity to begin in a friendly learning environment, with freely available advice and training in piloting, profiting, and fighting. Recruits with moderate experience will find a place to grow their skills by participating in various operations which will enhance their knowledge of tactics, mechanics, and economics. Veteran spacefarers can continue their journeys in any and all fields of interstellar life by finding a group of like-minded individuals to experience and research the many riches the Universe.

The Green Water Mining Gunners currently operate in the Stanton System, based out of Everus Harbor above Lorville, Hurston (Formerly Stanton I).

Green Water has growing divisions in the fields of mining, trade*, military, medical and rescue, special operations, and privateering†.

Green Water trades heavily with military component manufacturer Hurston Dynamics, but holds no other affiliations to the company.

Green Water is a key member of the multi-organization alliance of Plaza Allegiance & Cooperation Treaties (P.A.C.T.), hosting and participating in many interorganizational events.

*Green Water operates independently of ArcCorp, Crusader Industries, Hurston Dynamics, microTech, and U.E.E. trade laws.
†Green Water will engage in forcible extraction of assets when deemed necessary.


The Green Water Mining Gunners are a dedicated group of individuals who seek to enrich their experience of the Universe through camaraderie and collaboration. Green Water is the host of a positive environment which offers all members knowledge, protection, and friendship.

Our Virtues

  • Green Water Mining Gunners holds true its founding principles:


  • We are an organization built on a strong and positive social foundation. We get along with each other through our loyalty to our name and members of all ranks. To our best ability, we provide abundant advice, resources, and funding to all our members and their pursuits. We are not easily offended, nor do we seek to offend… mostly.


  • We are an organization that perseveres through the many difficulties of the verse, from technical issues to heavy combat engagements. We plunge headlong into adverse environments, punishing situations, and complex logistics. By never quitting, we never lose.


  • We bolster our ranks and social fabric through unending motivation to all members and affiliates of our organizations. We want all our members to experience the ever-expanding abundance of the Universe. Participation in Green Water operations is open to visitors, freelancers, and affiliates alike, but we would love to have you on board with us for the long journey ahead.


  • We have established a constructive space for discovery and enjoyment of our Universe’s expanse. We value the gaining of expertise as much as the ride there. We strengthen our membership by providing education in all fields of practice and elevating ourselves through collective mastery. We enrich our journey through the stars through spectacle, immersion, humor, and cohesion. With us, you will witness glory, brave adversity, admire successes, appreciate detail, and laugh along the way.


  • We believe in positive virtues that grant us dignity while giving others respect. We pride ourselves on our loyalty to all our members, regardless of rank or background. We will not leave any of you to fight alone. We will not leave you to rot in Klescher. We will not let you go broke. We will render assistance. We will respect you. Through patient and friendly leadership, confused recruits become informed veterans. We never antagonize other citizens, and we do not permit unwarranted disrespect of others or ourselves. We give a shit, but we don’t take shit, and don’t give shit.

  • Our principles enable us to progress further in our goals while having fun all the while.

Our Goals

  • Green Water has established long term goals and aspirations to become one of the most accomplished organizations in the Galaxy.

Workers and Warriors

  • We seek to build a strong and active membership of a variety of many skillful individuals.

Assets and Capital

  • We seek the accumulation of resources and currency to constantly improve our fleet’s capabilities.

Theaters of Warfare

  • We seek to employ our fighting force in meaningful and pivotal battles that will shape our systems into a productive and free galaxy.

Endurance through Longevity

  • We seek to maintain our presence in the galaxy as long as possible through long term planning and organization.

Recognition to Notoriety

  • We seek to establish our name by our deeds and character.


Green Water Mining Gunners provides a friendly and productive space for all looking to profit, fight, and explore. Green Water allows citizens of a range of commitment levels to participate in our events, activities, and social circle.

Green Water expects commitment, activity, and cooperation from all its dedicated members.


Citizens of all experience or affiliation are encouraged to visit our Discord channel to socialize and sortie with us. All visiting or non-employed persons are identified loosely as Mercenaries. Affiliates and freelancers are welcome to join our ventures in profit, exploration, and combat. Should a mercenary wish to apply, they will be offered a position in the Maggotry upon acceptance. Mercenaries cannot participate in organization-exclusive operations including testing, research, scrimmages, training, or alliance events. All visitors are required to respect our rules, regardless of membership or affiliation.

Membership and Ranking:

Upon recruitment, members are granted access to our ranking system. Our ranking system is a point based system with increasing intervals of points required for promotion. We award points for a wide variety of operations and missions, as well as organization duties. All members will receive ranking points for eliminating bounties, recruiting successful members, participating in alliance events, preventing the criminalization and detention of organization or alliance members, providing medical assistance, and participating in testing and research.

Non-Officer Enlisted Grades:

Our non-officer enlistees are the operational force of our organization, tasked with the goal of leading each other and ascending our ranks to officership.

All non-officer personnel are able to rank up through participating in all missions, and are permitted to lead trade, combat, and mining missions.

  • Space Maggots:

  • Maggots are, for all intents and purposes, our plebe system. Before attaining a rank, a newly recruited member must participate in a few entry-level operations before they are promoted. Maggots have all the same privileges and access as our non-officer members. They are welcome as participants in all operations and events and gain free access to all our resources including funds, spacecraft, vehicles, weaponry, and knowledge.

  • Privates:

  • After the completion of a few hosted operations, our recruits will earn a ranked position in our membership. Privates are the foundation of our organization, and compose the majority of enlisted personnel. Earning the rank of private is marks the beginning of a commitment to Green Water. Privates are charged with leading the Maggotry.

  • Sergeants:

  • We currently have three ranks of leadership in our enlisted corps, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, and Sergeant Major. All enlisted leadership will be expected to report to and carry out duties for our officers. Sergeants will also be in command of smaller squads of privates and maggots. Sergeant is the highest rank attainable by an affiliate member. In order for sergeants progress to Staff Sergeant and above, Green Water must be their primary organization.


  • When positions are available, enlisted personnel who attain officer rank will be given the option to choose between two paths of officership. The Commissioned Officer Corps is dedicated to leadership, recruiting, and management of organization operation and membersship. We also employ a Warrant Officer Corps comprised of highly experienced tacticians who lead our mobile forces. All officers are empowered to lead training missions of our membership, and are expected to grow the skills of all members. Officers and Warrant Officers are also provided higher point payouts for leading any mission type.

  • Commissioned Officers:

  • Our Officers are charged with maintenance of the organization on all fronts. Officers are ranked as Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, and Lieutenant Commander. Each officer above lieutenant commands a pair of subordinate officers. Lieutenants are each designated one sergeant major to command. All officers outrank our enlisted warrant officer corps, excluding Warrant Officer 5, who reports exclusively to the Commander.

  • Warrant Officers:

  • Warrant Officers comprise our most skilled pilots and soldiers, tasked with the command of our special operations forces, calvary, privateers, contraband logicians, medical staff, and rescue agents. Warrant Officers are ranked 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Warrant Officer 5 commands three Warrant Officer 4’s. Warrant Officers 3 and 4 each command a pair of subordinate warrant officers, Warrant Officer 2’s lead five Warrant Officer 1’s and report to their commanding warrant officers. The Warrant Officer Corps do not directly lead our non-officer forces, however, all subordinate enlisted grades must obey commands of all superior Warrant Officers.

Conduct and Culture:

Conduct Expectations:

Our code of conduct is simple yet effective. We respect each other and refrain from prejudice or excess bigotry. Our friendly attitudes work together to create a productive environment lacking extremity or passivity.

We do not tarnish our name by antagonizing other citizens, nor do we allow the transgressions of others to break our cohesion.

Our membership consists of a range of maturities and age groups, and all are expected to respect the presence of the others.

We strictly prohibit all malicious intents directed toward any member of our organization.

Racial, Religious, Intellectual, or Political hostility is prohibited.

We expect our members to carry themselves with integrity by following through on commitments, such as projects or monetary loans.

Members are expected to follow all Discord channel rules.

Our Culture:

We host a flexible environment that provides a variety of adventure for many different kinds of people. Whether you want a fun social circle, a focused team to coordinate logistics, or a highly tactial squad with which to carry out immersive operations, Green Water offers a range of casual and tactical experiences.

⚒ We spend much of our time casually operating in the ‘Verse and shooting the shit in our discord. We are often up to many different things across various servers.

⚒ We have dedicated text and voice channels in our discord for focused activities in the event you want to avoid the chatter of our Mess Hall. We have channels for trading, combat, mining, and more.

⚒ We share abundant resources, tips, and research results to expand your interstellar repertoire.

⚒ We want everyone to be profitable and productive, so as to achieve an expanded experience of the Universe. We will teach you how to become self sufficient, and provide anything you need to get there.

⚒ Many of us are big fans of Syfy’s The Expanse

⚒ We enjoy each other’s presences and love to welcome new visitors and members to the party.

⚒ We have specialized roles for various duties. This is about as far as our “role play” goes. We do not require you to address us by rank or honorifics. We do not take up “characters”. We are not Larpers. We host optional promotion ceremonies that award ranking points for being present in uniform, also optional.

⚒ We do not require anyone to use aviation or military jargon/lexicon, but if you like to use official communication phrases, feel free! It often helps to have individuals who can condense their verbiage effectively and clean up tactical communication.

⚒ A M E R I C A, F U C K Y E A H !

⚒ We have plenty of non-members who enjoy associating with us in our Discord channel.

⚒ We are a diverse group of people with members, vistors, and affiliates alike hailing from all around the world. The United States, Canada, Colombia, Japan, Europe, the United Kingdom, and South Africa are just a few places the Green Water family are stationed.

⚒ If you do not know how to enter a conversation by means other than disagreement or correction, don’t. We’ve met you 100 times, we weren’t impressed the first 99. Speaking what might be correct falls on deaf ears when the voice is a dick.

⚒ We like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.