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Roberts Space Industries

Grey Eagle Company / GREYEAGLE

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Welcome to Grey Eagle Company, a mercenary organization based in Star Citizen. Membership freedom is an emphasis for us, and we will take on any job big or small. The only jobs we won’t take are piracy related. You can visit us on discord here: (Discord)


Founded in 2949 Grey Eagle Company is an extremely versatile group built on the principle of being able to do any job, and get it done well. Based in the Centauri system’s primary planet of Saisei we have made an immediate impact on the system’s economy with a large fleet of combat ships, haulers, and miners. Able to support and protect their own fleet of mercantile vessel as well as taking on any government contract, the flexibility has allowed us to prosper and grow immensely, becoming one of the most trusted freelance orgs in the Centauri system. Centauri’s rich asteroid fields provide us with a local and easy way to make money between government contracts, and the system itself being located near both pirate and Vanduul space ensures a steady supply of government contracted security and raid missions. We are proud of what we have accomplished here in this system, and hope to continue our legacy of excellence going forward in our new home system, and the surrounding stars.


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