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Establishing Connection . . . . Connected : Welcome User

Accessing Database . . . .
#-> Logs ::
##-> Date Created: [Expunged]
##-> Syndicate History: One Entry

- - - Entry Selected - - -

Whoever reads this, I am sorry to disappoint you. Whatever event took place… whatever grievance the founders had… whatever motivation that birthed this Organization has long since been forgotten.

All that is left is a hunger for indiscriminate violence, death and disruption.
Profit does not interest us. There will be no negotiation. We are GRIEFERNET.

- - - End of Entry - - -

. . . . Logging Off : Connection Lost


GRIEFERNET is a coalition of Criminals of high caliber and a thirst for combat in all its forms and is intended to be an underlying network for subterfuge, information and community discontent.

We classify ourselves as a Terrorist Organization and is a place dedicated to the disenfranchised with no ties to rules of engagement or etiquette. Members are free to utilize every advantage afforded to them within the game.

We specialize in interrupting community events, whether public or private. Our methods are varied to keep it interesting.
At its core, GRIEFERNET is about creating emergent content that incites genuine emotion from all parties involved.
Activities are PvP focused and while behavior that violates the terms of service are prohibited, morality and ethics are weighed very little.


- - - [GRIEFER'S CREED] - - -

-> Thou shalt Kill.

-> Thou shalt not be persuaded by words or coin in exchange for a life.

-> Thou shalt use methods that would result in the greatest harm.

-> Thou shall share all Trophies of your deeds with your fellow Griefers.