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Grim's Reapers / GRIM

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    Bounty Hunting
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You will find us out among the farthest reaches of the stars, ever vigilant.

To the meek and defenseless, to the valorous and kind, we are friend and guardian.

For those that prey on humanity, and take what is not given, we are a reckoning.

Welcome to Grim’s Reapers.


Grim’s Reapers were founded on January 21, 2884 SET, during a time of upheaval and great change in the Empire. Crime was rampant and the future uncertain. In response, the Reapers were founded by a UEE veteran named WIlliam “Grimbrand” Thule.

He perceived a need for a talented and close-knit group of professionals dedicated to fighting piracy and injustice wherever and whenever possible. They strive to make the ‘Verse a better place by removing the worst scum inhabiting it. When not collecting bounties, the Reapers are also dedicated to discovery, cartography, salvage, and occasionally, archaeology. Their members are well known for their fearless exploration, pushing deep into hidden corners of the known galaxy, acquiring strange new technologies, information, and wealth along the way.

News flash!

Enjoy our new website at

Our TS server is on

and our official Minecraft server is up! Look for details via Teamspeak. Invitation only, but worth visiting!

Thank you, CIG for your recognition of the Reapers as MVP! We’re proud to be a part of Star Citizen.
You can view the segment on Around the Verse here.

Many thanks to the people that were a part of making Operation Bagel Carrier such a huge success.

If you need to contact Grimbrand for any reason, please feel free to add him on Skype. He’s “Grimbrand” there too – just look for the familiar blue glowy skull. Especially if you want to send money via Paypal. (

And here’s a shout out to the USAF 493rd Air Squadron – known as the Grim Reapers. Mors Inimicis! (Death to the Enemy)


That quiet tingling feeling as the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, as you’re swooping in on some innocent cargo hauler, out in the middle of nowhere? Maybe it’s just nerves. Or maybe that quiet backward corner of the galaxy isn’t as empty as you thought. Perhaps the Reapers have come calling, and that tingle is going to be followed up with neutron bolts and some hi-vee chaingun rounds going through your patch-wearing rum-swilling carcass.

“In a day and age when chaos tumbles freely through the ‘verse, we represent the mailed fist of Order.” – William “Grimbrand” Thule

Grim’s Reapers are not some crummy merc unit, for sale to the highest bidder. We don’t work with criminal organizations, and we don’t do dirty jobs as corporate or government stooges either.

In the cold empty dark between the stars, there are uncounted secrets, and amazing things waiting to be discovered; worlds, civilizations, alien techologies, and things undreamed of by mankind. We know, because the Reapers have been there. There aren’t many of us. Some people would say that it’s the size of an organization’s membership that determines their worth. But it’s not just numbers that count, out there in the black. When a pack of wolves comes across a tiger, it’s never the tiger that turns to run, and we are true to our stripes.

“We may be few, but we are mighty.” – William “Grimbrand” Thule

If you are a law-abiding citizen that treats others with respect, you’ll always be glad to have us around. But if you are the sort that believes in taking what is not yours, with no respect for life and property of others…

… you’d best pay attention. The back of your neck may be tingling, just about now.

“We can do this the easy way, or the … Ah, screw it. We’re the Reapers.” – Whooya, moments before his salvo of rockets permanently ended the career of infamous mass murderer and pirate “Hatchet Harry”


Pacis per valde vis! *

We solemnly swear
  • to punish those who do wrong
  • defend those who cannot defend themselves
  • do what is right, even when no one notices or cares
  • find what is hidden, discover that which is unknown
  • and never leave a comrade behind.
  • Honesty, courage, and integrity are our hallmarks.
  • …and if you are leaving scorch marks, use bigger ordinance.

We are Grim’s Reapers.

Organization of the Reapers does not consist of a formal hierarchy in traditional military fashion. While there are internal ranks, they serve to mark members of distinction, and show which members have contributed most significantly to the Reapers’ success. Many of our members are Advocacy, although others pursue careers in everything from mining to manufacturing as a sideline. The only things that all Reapers have in common are a deep-seated desire to help make this Galaxy a better place, the fearless love of the unknown (combined with the thrill of discovery), and an unbreakable commitment to each other.

Why are we a Syndicate?

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines “syndicate” as a group of people or businesses that work together. This may be a council or body or association of people or an association of concerns, officially authorized to undertake a duty or negotiate business with an office or jurisdiction.

The Reapers are an association of likeminded individuals, able to pursue their own interests, while as a group, contributing toward common goals. In particular, those of exploration, and dealing with criminals that the UEE finds difficult to cope with as a government entity.

*Peace through superior (fire)power!