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Galactic Racing Syndication / GRS

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Galactic Racing Syndication (GRS) is a politically neutral coalition of racing enthusiasts.

We welcome single racers or teams from any faction and background to participate in our community.

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Galactic Racing Syndication originally appeared in the late 26th century as a loose association of smugglers who traded advice on the fastest routes, newest checkpoints, and biggest dangers that come with making a living off the black market. These common criminals, by speed or endurance, learned to circumvent the legal arm of the United Empire of Earth (UEE) by developing the toughest, fastest, or most efficient interstellar vehicles, and their secret routes through controlled space were often the most perilous to navigate. The unregulated freedoms of deep space were highly profitable, but by the advent of the 2700’s, the expanded strength of the UEE in these locations compounded the dangers of operating in formerly welcome zones for anyone selling questionable goods.

The GRS was officially advertised as a racing league in 2729, as professional racing had become a ubiquitous part of mainstream culture and thus a way for previous smugglers to cash in on the growing popularity. The rise of the Murray Cup had popularized the sport, but many racers had been alienated due to the strict level of regulation and dramatic egos of those found in the official racing circuits. Eventually spawning a much more diverse fanbase than traditional professional racing, the GRS became famous for competitions as eclectic as its participants, from violent live-fire battle circuits, to figure-eight death runs around the gravity wells of dying stars, even lengthy endurance races across multiple star systems.

Now an accepted mainstream host of highly competitive professional racing circuits, GRS originally designed races which took inspiration from smuggling runs of the past. As racers face the dangers of unregulated and unsurveyed space, they speed from one danger toward the next. The organization continues to push the envelope and raise the bar on competitive space piloting, and the competition grows more fierce with each passing year.


Galactic Racing Syndication is politically neutral and focuses solely on racing, both sanctioned and unsanctioned by the UEE. We welcome racers from any faction and background, as long as they adhere to the GRS guidelines while participating in GRS sponsored events.

Although several ships have already been heralded as the supreme racing vessels, we want to bring together pilots of all vehicles to participate. We want a race with all ships of several types of classes: a race for Hornets, a race for Auroras, a race for Scythes, for Merlins and even Space Truckers who only own a Starfarer. Niche leagues and even higher levels of inclusion are planned.

Our ambitions for the sport of spaceracing are set high, and we want to experience the thrill of all types of circuits: drag races, single-lap tracks, extreme endurance races, figure-eight death races, and “Kessel Runs” through highly dangerous zones of environmental risk are all being considered. And unlike most racing organizations (especially the sanctioned racing league), we are not discouraged by the idea of participating in races in the “seedier” solar systems. We look only for the thrill of racing and high-stakes gambling.


Galactic Racing Syndication is a coalition of players who have one primary goal: racing. In order to ensure that these activities are not disrupted, certain standards of behaviour must be enforced.

  • Members of our audience as well as all other non-racers may not interfere with a race in any shape, manner, or form. Doing so will flag you as hostile to our security and they will be ordered to aggressively quell any disturbance. Any attempts to bribe or coerce a member of our staff will be met with swift and significant action.
  • Racers must adhere to the rules set by their particular league, class, and circuit. Exhibition matches may often have their own unique sets of rules, but the expectations of adherence to the particular rules in each instance are the same.
  • Your faction affiliations, wealth, prestige, honor, or any other values you believe you have attained outside of the GRS are irrelevant within the GRS. We have our own measure of a person’s worth, so leave your baggage behind.