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Gryphon Interstellar / GRYPHCORP

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Resource & Logistics Solutions for Interstellar Commerce

Gryphon Interstellar® is a leading corporation in the cargo & mining industries, providing a wealth of freight handling & resource extraction services to businesses across the U.E.E. since 2935.


Gryphon Interstellar® is a large-scale corporation focused on providing cargo handling & mining services to business enterprises across the United Empire of Earth.

The corporation (originally named “Gryphon Freight & Logistics”) was founded in the Stanton System of the United Empire of Earth, with Articles of Incorporation filed at the Area18 Administration Office on ArcCorp on the 10th of May 2935. From humble beginnings with Argo MPUV Cargos used to offload Hull Series ships for cheap rates on Baijini Point, Gryphon IFL slowly grew to begin renting MISC Freelancers and Drake Caterpillars, eventually earning enough to buy those very same rented ships. Then more of them, along with a few hired crewmates to help staff them.

In time, the company was no longer buying old former rentals or second-hand cargo ships. It was buying brand new dedicated haulers straight from the showroom floor, with the MISC Hull series entering the corporation’s fleet. This was the first step in the corporation’s journey to interstellar success, expanding outside of the Stanton System to branch into long distance freight hauling. It’s been onwards and upwards ever since. With the success found through interstellar freight hauling, the corporation, now named Gryphon Interstellar, decided to expand its horizons beyond just the freight hauling business.

Using the large cargo infrastructure it had now built up, Gryphon Interstellar ventured into the mining industry, providing its clients with not just top-class cargo handling but a reliable source of extracted minerals for their production lines. With the already existing transport infrastructure wholly owned by Gryphon Interstellar, it was easy for the corporation to transport unrefined minerals to refineries, with the refined yields then transported in bulk to contract clients to fulfill their supply chain needs or to Trade & Development Division branches to sell into the open market. Two wholly owned subsidiaries of the corporation were developed as a result – Gryphon Interstellar Freight & Logistics, focused on the bulk transport of freight for clients across the UEE, and Gryphon Interstellar Mining Corporation, focused on extracting a variety of minerals for refining and sales to contracted clients as well as the open market.

Gryphon Interstellar has since established itself as a leader in the freight handling & mining industries not only in Stanton and neighboring systems, but across the United Empire of Earth as a whole. Amassing a fleet that spans the Empire & a workforce in the thousands, Gryphon Interstellar has become one of the largest bulk cargo handlers & mining corporations in the UEE.

Gryphon Interstellar has built up contracts to haul cargo & provide resources for a variety of companies, including but not limited to;

  • Covalex
  • Blue Triangle Inc.
  • ArcCorp
  • CureLife
  • Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern
  • Gyson Inc.
  • microTech
  • Rayari Inc.
  • Shubin Interstellar
  • & many more!

With so many contracts spanning the known ‘verse, it’s no wonder that businesses big and small trust Gryphon Interstellar to handle their bulk cargo transport & resource extraction needs. Businesses need to produce and move their products, and there’s no sign of that requirement slowing down as humanity continues to expand across the stars. With that expansion comes the need for more logistics & resource solutions to meet the demand sought by people all over the galaxy — and Gryphon Interstellar will keep expanding to meet that demand.


Gryphon Interstellar Freight & Logistics® prides itself on delivering — not just cargo, but promises. With Gryphon Interstellar, you can rest easy knowing your bulk freight shipments are safe in the trusted, experienced & trained hands of our cargo handlers every step of the way – from warehouse to cargo deck & beyond. We provide the logistics for a freight infrastructure you can rely on.

Our customers avail themselves of a suite of freight transport & handling services, including;

  • Interstellar Shipping
  • Inner-System Cargo Haulage
  • Sensitive Material Handling
  • Long-term & Temporary Warehousing
  • Customs Clearance
  • Administrative Processing
  • Container Tracking
  • …and more!

Every business needs a logistics partner it can trust to get the job done — quickly, securely, & correctly. At Gryphon Interstellar, we don’t cut corners. We make sure every SCU is properly tagged, accounted for and tracked. That way, you can be secure in the knowledge that all your cargo is being transported in accordance with UEE Law, Local Customs Regulations & Interstellar Transport Guild Guidelines. No citations, no excess customs fees, no worries.

What’s more, we’re partnered with Eclipse Mutual to provide insurance coverage on all goods in possession of Gryphon Interstellar to the value of 1.5 million UEC. Even when the unexpected occurs, we’ve got you covered.

Time is money — in our business and in yours. Every hour of delayed shipments is an hour your competitor is using to get an advantage over your company. It’s an extra hour of frustration for consumers or commercial customers awaiting your products. Don’t settle for second-rate shipping with constant delays. Get the best out of the interstellar cargo infrastructure. Ship with Gryphon Interstellar Freight & Logistics and experience expedient delivery from a wide-ranging fleet fit for every purpose, and efficiently maintained to avoid risk of breakdown. Even when circumstances beyond our control do delay your shipments, our commercial insurance policy with Eclipse Mutual means that you’ll be reimbursed for financial loss on any time-sensitive deliveries that get held up. With Gryphon IFL, our clients are at the forefront of our concerns.

Find out what Gryphon Interstellar Freight & Logistics can do for you & your business today.

Gryphon Interstellar Mining Corporation® is dedicated to the extraction of valuable minerals needed by businesses all across the UEE. With secure and efficient supply chains providing an excess of what our customers need, Gryphon Interstellar makes sure that you have all the mineral resources you need in your production lines, with even more should you wish to expand. Excess extracted minerals are held for purchase by clients. Should they not be needed, Gryphon Interstellar sells them as is to local refineries or avails of refinery services to process the minerals for later sale on the open market via local branches of the Trade & Development Division.

Our customers avail themselves of a variety of resource extraction services, including;

  • Mining of Valuable Minerals
  • Short-Term Mineral Storage
  • Urgent Supply Chain Shortage Support
  • …and more!

If your business manufactures goods from raw materials, you need a supply chain you can rely on every step of the way. Gryphon Interstellar makes sure that your demands are met and then some, so that you never have to worry about running out of materials your factories need to keep production going.

Find out how Gryphon Interstellar Mining Corporation can support your production line today.


Name: Gryphon Interstellar®

Subsidiaries: Gryphon Interstellar Freight & Logistics®, Gryphon Interstellar Mining Corporation®

Incorporated on 05-10-2935 at 16:38.
Area18, ArcCorp, Stanton, United Empire of Earth.

Category: Transport, Import & Export, Warehousing & Storage, Mining.

Industry: Freight Transport, Importing & Exporting Goods, Warehousing, Customs Clearance, Mining.


Gryphon Interstellar aims to provide world-class freight & mining solutions to business enterprises across the United Empire of Earth by striving towards excellent customer service, unbeatable rates, efficient mineral extraction, quality cargo handling and plain hard work.

Mission Statement:
To deliver the best interstellar shipping & mining services in the ‘verse, without the headache and hassle of dealing with organization, scheduling, problems or bureaucracy.


  • Employee Safety.
    • The safety of our employees is paramount to our operation. Without our hardworking staff, there would be no company to begin with. As they provide us with such an invaluable service through their day-to-day work, it is our utmost commitment to provide a safe & secure working environment for all Gryphon Interstellar employees.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
    • The satisfaction of our clients is the foundation upon which our business stands. Reputation is important, and Gryphon Interstellar maintains its reputation by consistently providing top-of-the-line service to new and existing customers alike. We can trust that our clients will keep coming back to us, because they can trust us to provide the logistical support their business needs.
  • Reasonable Rates.
    • Shipping & Mining is costly, but it need not burn a hole in your pocket. By maintaining an efficient fleet with carefully managed supply chains and shipping lanes, Gryphon Interstellar makes sure to cut down on costs without cutting corners. The savings don’t stay with us either — we pass them down to the customer to give them a quote that cannot be beaten.
  • Adherence To Law.
    • From the beginning, Gryphon Interstellar has been a business venture intent on doing things the right way. This includes following the letter of the law to maintain our integrity within the UEE’s systems. Gryphon Interstellar retains a team of trained lawyers who are constantly staying on top of changes to local and Empire-wide laws to make sure our company never crosses those lines. Smuggling hurts our communities, and Gryphon Interstellar is committed to not only prevent smuggling from within the corporation, but to report any suspicion of smuggling or criminal activity from within the company or outside of it to the UEE Advocacy & local law enforcement authorities. We also fully cooperate with the UEE Customs Bureau as well as the Trade & Development Division — helping to root out market manipulation and maintain a fair market for imports and exports across the Empire.
  • Conformity to Regulation.
    • Most companies leave their commitments at the law and go no further, but at Gryphon Interstellar, we believe in going the extra mile for our employees and our customers. For this reason, we are fully compliant with Licensing & Union Regulations from the Interstellar Transport Guild as well as United Resource Workers, providing their inspectors with unfettered access to our records and facilities. With their stamp of approval, you know we mean business when it comes to best practice for our clients & best work standards for our employees.
  • Equal Opportunities.
    • Gryphon Interstellar is an equal opportunities employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran or disability status pursuant to UEE Employment Law.

Gryphon Interstellar® and its subsidiaries are registered trademarks under the UEE Patent & Trademark Office. All rights reserved.