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Guard Frequency Response / GUARDFREQ

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Guard Frequency Response is the official squadron of the Guard Frequency podcast!


From the creative minds at Priority One Productions comes Guard Frequency — the universe’s premier Star Citizen podcast.

All of you aviation enthusiasts listening know what the guard is. So, those folks know where we’re going here. The guard is a specific frequency that all aircraft and control towers should be monitoring constantly.

If someone out there is lost, or having an engine failure, or a panic attack, or some other in-flight emergency, they might send a mayday on that channel. Other pilots or towers in the area will answer back on that channel with instructions or directions to get you back to smooth and level.

Or, if you’re already crashing and burning, they’ll know where to send the search and rescue people.

That’s what this show, and our organisation, is all about – a place where you can just tune in and know that you’re going to get help from the community. Or, maybe you’ll be there to help out a fellow Citizen or Civilian.

Like Priority One, it takes the constant effort of a team of people to do what we do so if you think you’ve got what it takes to join us then get in touch, either by emailing us at or by using the contact form at the top of the page.


Greetings, Cits and Civs!

Here’s our plan for the Star Citizen gaming universe (in no particular order):

1) Hang out
2) Blow up stuff
3) Find cool bits
4) Build shiny things

Want more specifics? We plan to be a helping hand to “newbs,” a resource for “13375” and a force for law, order and good clean fun in the galaxy. Don’t expect us to conduct raids on nunneries or swipe medicine from old people. Expect rescues, research, repairs, refuels, and repelling bad guys.

Real-world-wise, it might not be wise to think we’ll ever be a top PvP org. Many of us will have too many other things going on (including an awesome podcast you may have heard of…). But the management will be striving to find and retain fun people to chat with, fly your wing, and build nifty guild projects (whatever those turn out to be).

In-universe, we consider Guard Frequency Response as a for-hire first-response company. Think of it as a privately-run “coast guard.” In an era of shrinking Imperial budgets and stretched local law enforcement, sometimes it makes sense to hire private companies who don’t draw government pensions or have to pass strict background checks or have perfect military records.

Most of us have 40+ hour/week jobs in the real world. So how do we explain our squadron’s inexplicable income? Glad you asked! GFR’s customers are primarily insurance companies intent on expanding their markets. The safer the system, the more likely they will be able to sell profitable policies (i.e. ones that don’t generate claims). But those companies aren’t interested in selling security services – or being liable for the mistakes those services make – so they only provide bare minimum funding and a general “help people out when they’re in trouble” direction. The rest is up to the GFR.

Which means that GFR can be “creative” with its choice of day-to-day operations. As long as the planetary system as a whole generates fewer insurance claims, GFR will have happy customers. If GFR can help find new systems to insure – or make currently dangerous systems safe enough to insure – so much the better.

If this sounds like fun to you, then all you have to do is apply.

See you in the ‘Verse!
Tony, Lennon, and Geoff


“Imperial Age risk management, Colonial Age value.”

Space is a risky place. Managing an insurance company in the 30th century, you know that better than anyone.

The environment alone is enough to kill your customers. A millenium of crafting tools for work and play in hard vacuum has taught us how to manage those risks.

Even well-crafted tools will fail. Learning from those failures, as expensive and heartbreaking as they can be, has taught us to manage those risks.

All too frequently, those failures are deliberately caused. Confronting outlaws and aliens intent on creating havoc has taught us how to manage those risks.

But sometimes, despite all we have been taught, we are faced with risks we aren’t prepared to manage. The deep black reminds us constantly: we still have much to learn.

The unknown is the greatest risk we face. We must face it deliberately, or become casualties of our ignorance.

First Continental Canton Reinsurance Company (“FCCR”) understands that as part of your risk management portfolio, you need both passive and active tools. FCCR – like any reinsurance company – offers a variety of financial “passive” vehicles to keep your bottom line well-behaved. But, though a groundbreaking program, Guard Frequency Response, FCCR is uniquely poised to offer you an “active” answer to risk management. This pilot program will seek a partnership with the UEE to offer safety, support, interdiction, and exploration services to the less-well-managed parts of space.*

Whether your company is trying to expand into newly charted systems, or re-evaluating a system that falls in and out of insurable status, FCCR offers a way to “tip the scales” towards prudent management of operational risks. Take a moment to review the services offered by Guard Frequency Response. Contact us for more information.

Emergency Medical Services
Spaceworthiness Inspections for insured spacecraft
Corpus Retrieval for disabled insured pilots

In-flight Refueling
Emergency Repairs



*Guard Frequency Response is an unaffiliated third party organization. No representations or warranties are made herein as to the effectiveness or suitability of the services provided. FCCR deems this information reliable, however, all interested parties must conduct an independent investigation of the statements herein before acting upon any information disclosed by this document.