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Ghost Unit / GUNIT

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Ghost Unit specializes in providing complete security services. Our pilots are dedicated to protecting merchants, traders and resource convoys who seek to venture into the deep space. Your life and cargo are safe with us. We can also provide cargo transport services and ensure maximum security.


Ghost Unit’s roots where formed back in the days when we served in the UEE. We had a vision that it is not enough to count only on the security provided by our government and local police and that people should invest in the safety of their cargo and ships. The security measures our government employ is limited to a certain extent.

Traders and companies are bound to explore and trade beyond the reaches of these security zones, that’s where we come in.

Backed by hours of flight and combat experience, we are dedicated to serve alongside companies, traders and even explorers who are willing to go beyond the safe zones, deep into the dark reaches of space where danger is at home, providing maximum security to the ships and cargo we sign to protect.

Ghost unit was practically born after we served in the UEE, from a motto spoken by a veteran pilot who said “Ghost Unit does not need to be found, Ghost Unit finds you. If you do find us, than it is already too late !”. In combat we adapt this motto and change it to “If you see us it’s already too late !”.

That’s the kind of professionalism and dedication our pilots strive for every mission. That’s the spark that ignites in us and keeps us eager to give 110% in every contract.


About Ghost Unit:

Our mission is to provide the best for those who seek our services. To go beyond our limits and give 110%.

Ghost Unit provides security services to individual or even convoys of trading and exploring ships, local business, mining rigs etc. . Wherever there is a need for safety and security, you can count on us.

Your goal is our goal. Your safety is our concern.

We are also looking for pilots who share our vision, who seek the thrill of combat and adventure. If you have that spark in you we will not hesitate to open our doors to you.

Ghost Unit also seeks to build upon it’s own logistics fleet so that it can provide security transport services without any direct implication by the client. Got something important and of value to deliver ? Sign us up and let us do the rest.

We are always looking for business and affiliate partners to work with.

Additional Info:

By now you probably understood that our group is mostly focused on combat, security detail and a bit of logistics.

Our bond with the game is a special one, we like to imagine that what we do in game is as important as what we do in real life. Most gamers know that this style of behaviour in a game is called role play. We play this game and take on the tasks we sign up for with the same passion and dedication as if it was a real assignment, as if we were really there. But even though it might sound serious, it doesn’t mean we can’t be fun. We are a group of mature and open minded individuals that are dedicated to teamwork and fun.

So if you share the same vision as us. You are most welcomed to join us.

We will try to play as often as we can, but we will probably be available most of the time at around 19:00 – 20:00 (EET/EEST). We have our own teamspeak server at: . You can find us there for more information (once you join checkpoint zone channel please add SC to your name and someone will be with you shortly if available).