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This is the Gamers With Jobs outpost here on Star Citizen.

Want to hang out with other gamers who are old enough to have jobs, and know what it’s like to balance jobs, gaming, kids, spouses and partners, and everything else that life tends to throw at you? Well, that’s us.


Who We Are

Gamers With Jobs is the brainchild of Shawn Andrich and Sean Sands, both gamers who, oddly enough, didn’t have “real” jobs when they launched the site years ago. It began as a news site with a forum, and evolved into what you see today: a safe haven for all the girls and guys who grew up with games and have families to feed and bills to pay. Seeing that news wasn’t really getting the job done, Gamers With Jobs became the premier independent editorial site and community you see today.

The Front Page

Five days a week, we bring you some of the best game writing on the planet Earth. With an extensive editorial process and writers who are routinely published in professional gaming sites and magazines, we push ourselves each and every week to deliver something fresh and unique.

The Podcast

A cornerstone of the site, the Gamers With Jobs Conference Call prides itself on a professional-quality production that rivals that of many commercially produced podcasts. Featuring some of the very same writers from the front page, the podcast brings you smart, in-depth discussion about the latest games, issues and design quandaries of the day. We are also very fortunate to have regular guests like Ken Levine, Jeff Green, Shawn Elliott, Soren Johnson, John Carmack and others on the show.

The Community

The crown jewel of the site, the Gamers With Jobs community features a thriving forum section, a burgeoning Steam group and more awesome people to play games with than you could possibly fit onto your friend lists. Unlike the hundreds of poorly moderated forums found elsewhere online, we expect a lot from the folks who participate in the Gamers With Jobs community. Proper grammar, thoughtful posts and intelligent debate all make the forums what they are today. Signing up and getting active in the community is one of the best things you can do to get more enjoyment out of your gaming hobby.


We call ourselves “Goodjers”, and it stands for a lot of things to different people. But what it boils down to is that we’re all part of the community at Gamers With Jobs, and we’re all here to have fun in the Star Citizen universe.

Seriously, check out the community, the daily articles, and the weekly podcast, and you’ll learn a lot more about us that way.


Be awesome to each other, and have fun.