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Roberts Space Industries ®

Galaxy Getaways / GXYGA

  • Corporation
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Transport
  • Exploration

Weight of the world on your shoulders? Here’s a remedy:

Leave Earth, and your troubles, behind.

Welcome to Galaxy Getaways. Your celestial chaperones.

Allow us to pamper you on your journey among the stars. You’ll see sites, previously only imagined, and meet life-forms like none other.


Galaxy Getaways specializes in moving passengers (including VIPs) from Point A to Point B in as much comfort as possible.
The company flies Sol-wide and Sirius-wide, with services to Kallis, Oberon, Leir, Kellog and, for the more adventurous types, black market worlds (such as Terra Nova, for example).

‘Galaxy Getaways’ is an ‘Orbital Spa, & Cruise’ affiliate, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Independent Neuralnet Division; maintaining friendly relations with the major corporations, such as Pan-Galactic Travel Company (PGTL), and lawful forces of the four main Houses. They currently maintain offices on Earth and Nemo, and the Luxury Star-Liners Hawaii and Ikaria. In addition, they also independently operate a high-rise hotel on Planet Rhetor and a popular ski resort on Green, in the Ellis System, under their subsidiary company ‘Gold Star Luxury Hotels’. Their head office is located aboard the GLXGA Majestic, an Sirius-based Bretonia Royal Liner currently stationed in the Goss II system, in orbit of Planet Cassel.

The company is made up of two arms: the Passenger Division, central to its operations, who transport passengers in style and luxury all across Sol and Sirius, and the Supply Division, who perform the vital role of keeping ‘Orbital Spa, & Cruise’ facilities well-stocked with all necessary supplies.

Galaxy Getaways is headquartered aboard the GLXGA Majestic, a Bretonia Royal Liner which was decommissioned after service in the Foreign Office. It has been converted into an office, and recreation space for employees, as well as meeting rooms for meetings with the Board of Directors and diplomats. It is most often seen in orbit of Planet Earth, or Planet Cassel – except when on diplomatic business.


Do I need Vaccinations or protective gear for my destination?

Hadur: No vaccination required – but make sure to bring your galactic sunscreen.

Trise: A once thriving civilization. Trise is technically uninhibited and ancient artifacts are the only thing that remain. However, there have been recent sightings of Orloni. if you encounter one, let us know how it goes, we get this question a lot.

Krell: The most mysterious place in the galaxy, a huge city with an interesting life. Some people call it the original Sin City. So yes, you might want to get a tetanus shot and bring a big stick. #YoureWelcome

If i find some treasure or an object of power on my destination planet, can I keep it as a memento?

Galaxy laws clearly state, finders keepers, losers weepers. Friendly tip: Ravagers are ruthless so be prepared to make a trade.

I’ve heard some people get Earthsick when visiting other planets. What should I do if this happens?

We’ve heard that too.

I am a pretty average human being, will that be a problem on my destination planet?

This sounds like more of a problem for you on Earth.


Galactic Emergency Procedures

“Title 15 of these procedures allows ranking Galaxy Getaways officials to assume direct command of Galaxy Getaway vessels under certain conditions.”

General Order 6

“If all life aboard a Galaxy Getaways star-liner has perished, the ship will self-destruct within twenty-four hours to protect other ships from potential hazards within.” (But considering the amount of time and resources it takes to build a GG star-liner, we’ll probably just tow it to the nearest shipyard to avoid the mountain of paper-work.)

Tactical Directive 36

“The captain will not engage a hostile force without the protection of a corporate mother-ship.”

Regulation 46A

“If transmissions are being monitored during battle, no uncoded messages on an open channel.”

Regulation 191 (Article 14)

In a catastrophic situation where most of the passengers are incapacitated, involving more than one ship, priority falls to the vessel with life-support superiority, should there not be a higher ranking officer present.
(In the event of total crew loss, where only officers remain, please refer to Galaxy Getaways regulation GGR-02-0933-3440)

Medical Emergency on Alien Terrain

“It is recommended to keep an open com-channel at all times.”

Health codes

“The ship’s surgeon will require a full examination of any crew member that he has doubts about, including the captain.”

“Nothing shall be transported aboard (by any means known or unknown) until danger of contamination has been eliminated. Beaming down to the surface (of a planet) is permitted, if the captain decides it is absolutely necessary, and reasonably free of danger”. (Please note: ‘I lost my teddy bear’ is not sufficient reason to beam down to the surface in a medical emergency.)

“The chief medical officer outranks the captain in health matters.” (Especially if your meat is still pink. If it gets cold: too bad, so sad)

Code 7-10 / communications code / used by Galaxy Getaways personnel. Also known as a “quarantine code,” indicates that the recipient is to “under no circumstances approach (the originator of the transmission).” No exceptions.


According to GG protocol, “sir” is the proper address when responding to one’s male commanding officer (or possibly any male superior officer), and ma’am (Ancient West abbreviation for ‘madame’) is to be used for female commanding officers. ‘Sir’ is not appropriate, no matter how homely-looking she may be; naval tradition dictates the use of “captain”, regardless of the CO’s rank.