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Roberts Space Industries ®

Huscarls / HAH

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Security
  • Scouting

Let the huscarls guard you on your journey through the stars. Be it a small escort mission to full on vanduul raid protection we have what it takes to protect you, your loved ones and your possessions. We’ve been doing it our whole lives.


The Huscarls are one of the foremost PMC’s in the known galaxy, operating a fleet of escort ships throughout the dangerous western frontier.

The origins of the company are much more violent, most pilots are ex military forged in the conflicts of the Grinder (Tiber system). When their tour of duty was up and their blessings counted the men and women of The Huscarls decided to turn their skills to profit; Instead of using them in the constant battle the UEE are trying to wage against the Vanduul.

The pilots took their ruthlessness, effectiveness and efficiency that they had gained from their military history and applied it to a new task as one of the most skilled mercenary outfits both in and outside UEE territory. Gaining the trust of megacorps, governments and smaller businesses alike The Huscarls expanded business rapidly.

Having fought numerous engagements with Vanduul raiding parties we have emerged victorious and have formed close ties with smaller merchant fleets and mercenaries to open up trade routes previously closed to UEE citizens.

The Huscarls continue to provide the same escort and haulage protection services to this day, providing military precision, economic efficiency and customer anonymity in one affordable package, contact us and speak to one of our sales team for more information.


The Huscarls work to uphold trade and prosperity for the UEE.

The contracts we take help to encourage trade and growth and relations with other species.

Our pilots all used to work tirelessly to protect the ones they loved, we bring that same dedication to our customers to this day.


Format of:
New title – current ranking equivalent (history lesson) extra notes

Thrall – This is a short probationary period (minimum length 1 month) during which the individual will be expected to fulfill certain basic requirements before being regarded as a full member of The Huscarls.

Fri-hal – People who have proven themselves capable but don’t have a right to vote on society issues. They can improve rank by improving their skills and kit.

Bondi – The Bondi comprise the backbone of The Huscarls, those members who have proved both their abilities and their commitment and who now have a say in the running of things and a vote in society decisions. Many people stay at this rank but continue to develop their skills. They have decent ships and are capable of holding their own in their field and advise others.

Hersir – An experienced warrior capable of leading troops into battle. They are officers who are combat pilots and wing commanders.

Thane – Thanes are people who lead by example. They are the backbone of the administration of The Huscarls. Thanes can be people who aren’t combat pilots but give great service to the company.

Jarl – Jarls make decisions based on society input but have the overall say in the direction of the organisation and any dealings it has.