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Harborage / HARBORAGE

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Everyone’s welcome to visit this not-for-profit deep space & void cohabitation, without discrimination.
Providing an unfiltered shore with all kinds welcomed.
Harborage aims to facilitate outposts while demonstrating Human’s capacity.


27/03/2,948 Harborage founded simultaneously with its “Outpost Prime” in Odyssa, Borea, Magnus as the primary recruitment headquarters; “First Anchored Facilities Outpost” in Levski, Delemar, Nyx harbor management. With additional claims throughout the systems. Initial assets investments came from PolySapien Holdings, allowing a respectable platform to implement this concept.

:: PolySapien | Logo: Broadcasting Nightstand

01/04/2,948 Nightstand Harbor (Flag-Harbor) | Operation: Void & Fringe Space Harbor Admiral: PolySapien, Flagship: Privateer – “Cluster-Flux”, Skipper: PolySapien,


Harborage is an organized collection of on-the-go flotilla/fleet/organization-harbors that always dismissing criteria anchored in species/affiliation/embargo.
We promote independent, unfiltered, and sustainable cohabitation.


Harborage Charter

  • Do not provide Law, Jury, nor Execution for outside matters.
  • Provide “No Prejudice(s) Zone.”
  • Do not work against self-interests.
  • Not-for-profit is not without the need for compensation, as such, costs will always apply.
  • Put the vessel first and it will get you home.