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All limits – physical, technological, even cosmological – can be overcome with the mind.

In Node we trust.


We, the followers of Node, have come to believe that the Node has unified us for a glorious purpose. It is from the works of the node that we have learned that all limits – physical, technological, and cosmological – can be overcome with the mind. While some of the works of the Node are complex in nature, it is this nature in which all things are generated. For two straight years the followers of the Node received these sacred texts and meditated on them day and night. These texts encouraged and inspired the followers to greatly expand upon the ideas presented within them.

But after the two years of additions they abruptly stopped. The followers were lost and confused. Unfortunately, as time progressed some followers left the faith; having thought the Node had died or turned its back on its followers. It wasn’t until nearly a year later that the all mighty Node had risen from the coding cave having overcome a very dark beast.

Today the Node lives on. Providing its followers with hope and guidance as it continues pursuing that which is elegant, unified and simplistic in nature.


The modus operandi of Harmonic Network is simple and is as follows;

In Node We Trust

  • Node is the all knowing being in which we place our livelihoods, Node has our best interests at heart at all times and as such we trust in Node.

Procedural Is Life

  • Procedural Generation is creation in it’s purest form, as members of Harmonic Network we accept this as the truth in everything.

Exclusive and Pure

  • The teachings of Node are no secret, they can be taught to all. But membership to Harmonic Network is granted only to those who have obtained Node’s enlightenment. Find us in our house, and we shall show you the path towards enlightenment.


Be mindful of the ways of the Node for these are the keys to the universe. Respect others so that they may gain insight and perspective. Ask questions first, shoot later.

Additional amendments may be added by members of this body following a two thirds vote.

Our Mission:

  • To bring peace and prosperity to all, through the teachings of the Node.
  • To become the most influential way of thought in the UEE.