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Salty Harquebus / HARQ

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The Salty Harquebus is simply a tavern, a pirate haven. A place for like minded individuals to congregate and trade information.

Your business is your own, your deals are your own, this is merely the place to met and size up your next big prize.


A Harquebus is a gun.

So essentially its a salty gun.

Yes, I made the obvious joke. But more importantly, the Alestorm song ‘Nancy the tavern wench’ embodies the intention of the Org in its lyrics.
Its little surprise that the Harquebus itself models itself on the song, our local Discord bot ‘Nancy’ providing some of the more specific services.

In time ‘Nancy’ will migrated to spectrum to enable more in game services for our patrons.
By signing up with the Harquebus, you become a patron of this fine tavern.

“Come take a drink, and drown your sorrows, in Nancy’s harbor café”


The concept.

The concept of the Harquebus is simple, there is a need for information and for collaboration between pirate groups and entities. There exists a need for trade mediums, trade routes and smuggling rings.
Pirate groups are by nature small. Large pirate groups are un-sustainable, commonly rife with conflict and discontent.
Small pirate groups simply do not have the resources to raid large convoys, and most do not have the ship variety in their fleets to tackle large prizes. Or in some cases, even small prizes.
The Harquebus was formed to fill these voids by providing pirates a medium for communication and trade. In the age of pirating there were popular pirate taverns where information, maps, and plans were devised. Co-ordinated pirates are a terrifying thing, and the harquebus aims to provide this service.


As a purely social and non-governed organization the harquebus is for all pirates, crewed or un-crewed. We plan to have extensive information and job boards so that players can trade information for UEC. Looking for crew? We plan to have dedicated crew/ mercenary for hire boards.
Can’t shift some goods? we plan to have links to all the main black market boards and markets.
And of course, it’s a place to brag, place to drink and above all be merry.

Rules and regulations.

There is only one rule. If you’re an ass you get treated like one, piss too many people off by being obnoxious and the bouncer will bar you, Or the people you piss off will shoot you. Either way this place is governed by the people that are part of it.

We will not censor(unless it’s illegal irl. ie doxing, inappropriate images etc), we will not judge, and we will not give a shit if you betray fellow patrons. Your business is your own, and anyone is welcome.

We will not vet patrons, and we will not deny requests to enter.


Many other orgs have had a similar idea to the Harquebus. But differ in one main aspect. They want a government. Pirates are not meant to be governed. Why implement the very thing pirates are out against?
Pirate governments also simply don’t work. The one with the most power will always betray the other especially if there is bad blood, and the pirate “king” for lack of a better word, has only force/booty restrictions to keep the others in line.
That is why the Harquebus will work. It gives us the platform to grow a pirate nation, but without the government that contains normal citizens.
Although we state there is no governance, and whilst this is true, it is meant in respects to command and rank.
Make no mistakes, there is an admin. And there are bouncers. If they deem you have broken the above rule or are overly disruptive expect to be treated like you would in any other social forum.
Ie silenced, barred, banned.



Even taverns have to have rules.


Don’t be a dickhead all the time. Yes, that means you can be a dickhead some of the time, just don’t be a fulltime dickhead.


Obey Rule 1