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Captain Krieg's Crew of Killers / HATETANK

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Welcome Aboard.

Part of the crew, part of the ship. This organization is currently expanding.


The history of CAPTAIN KRIEG’S CREW OF KILLERS is shadowy and mysterious. The are legends that say they are descendants of some of the legendary pirates of the age of sail. Others say that they are nothing but the scum of society that fled from the reach of the UEE. Only members of the crew know the truth. One thing however is clear, blood is in their past, present, and future. Though the group shows signs of having a wide variety of interests at their core there is still the thirst for freedom and willingness to shed the blood of any who stand in their way that has been the hallmark of pirates through the ages.


Step 1. Join the Crew.
Step 2. ????????????
Step 3. Profit.

This organization is a meritocracy that seeks to accomplish democratically elected tasks. There’s a spot for everyone in the Crew, so long as you are prepared to accept the consequences of your actions. If you want to have fun but play with a constructive purpose then look no further and apply today.


Abide to step two of the manifesto.
In all seriousness we don’t know what we’re going to be doing in the verse but you shouldn’t be limited to doing anything. Do you want to ram a Bengal with an Aurora? Do it. Peddle narcotics to the Advocacy? Do it. Go into Vanduul Space and convert them to your religion? Do it. The group is more than simply the sum of it’s parts, but the group should never be more important that any of it’s parts. We do not seek to control you as others do but rather to give you back control. The government seeks to tell you what you can and can’t do. With us there is freedom from this control.

The rules for Captain Krieg’s Crew of Killers are as follows.

Under Normal Circumstances There are no rules. Each pilot shall exercise his or her own judgement in the execution of his or her daily activities.

Under Threat to the Group, or Members There of Military leadership chosen by virtue of their experience and success shall take command of all members and direct activities for the defense and advancement of the group. In these circumstances all group agreements shall be set aside and only the golden rule shall remain. Any fall out shall be dealt with by leadership and members who are part of the events shall be held by leadership to be acting in accordance with the rules and regulations of Captain Krieg’s Crew of Killers

The Golden Rule In the event of a threat there shall be but one rule. If it flies it dies.