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Roberts Space Industries

Heavy Load Logistics / HEAVYLOAD

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Transport
  • Security

Provider of cargo management, fleet protection, mining, salvage, SoS rescue and refuel operations


A better tomorrow has always been our goal and with pilots and connections you can really trust we look foward to taking YOUR LOADS.


Every day our members work across the galaxy to advance our interests. As they labor, new solar systems, natural resources, industries, trade opportunities and technological advancements emerge and evolve before our eyes.

At HEAVY LOAD LOGISTICS we support our members in variety of fields, which is why our affiliates are often given total autonomy in their work.

With our connections to GATECRASH DEFENCE SERVICES we offer our pilots and cargo the best security around and unlike many other corparations we also offer this security to any affiliated orginisations. (at a cost time and fuel are not free)

HEAVY LOAD LOGISTICS … a name you can rely on!l Please come back for updated information.


Coming soon.