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Welcome to Hexadian Research Scientific Corporation.

“Sometimes it’s the people no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine.” — Alan Turing.


The Hexadian Corporation, outstanding in the scientific area, expands its search for knowledge through space exploration. Prepared for an unprecedented technological development.

  • 2938 – Hexadian Research group is born.
  • 2941 – The Historical Truth Act (2941) provides the group with access to valuable scientific literature.
  • 2943 – Small advances are achieved in the field of limited AI. This fact culminates with the design of expert systems capable of analyzing large amounts of data, among other tasks. These advances will lead to the future R Series.
  • 2944 – The Hexadian Corporation is founded.
  • 2945 – The R Series is commercialized: a small domestic domotic system for the local control of homes and factories.
  • 2946 – The success of the R Series gives the corporation an economic boost.
  • 2947 – Certain amounts of UEC are invested in the purchase of a research platform to start a new space exploration stage.
  • 2948 – The Hexadian Research Journal is conceptualized. A scientific journal designed to disseminate the results of the different research projects of the corporation and its partners.
  • 2949 – Space exploration efforts begin to expand. The OMPS mapping application is developed.
  • 2951 – Laylani proclamation as Imperator of the United Empire of Earth, and the promise to reduce the regulation in artificial intelligence research, allowed the corporation to expand its AI research field in the following years.


The human being has always been characterized by curiosity, the search for the unknown, the need for exploration. To paraphrase the great Carl Sagan, we are the tool that the universe has to understand itself.

From the research group Hexadian Research, we want to give you the opportunity to be part of this great adventure. The opportunity to work hand in hand with many of the best scientists in the galaxy.
We would like to count on your collaboration in this, the definitive expedition to the last frontier.

Dr. Arkaitz Fox. Scientific supervisor.


Hexadian Corporation ranks:

Scientific supervisor:

Is the person in charge of writting or supervising the witting of the scientific paper assocciated to one or more resarch projects prior to its publication in the Hexadian Research Journal.
Members with an academic background well versed in the production of scientific material. Responsible of the methods and results obtained.

Head of research:

The person who manages one or several research projects. Including the creation and supervision of the datasheets to store the tests and results. Also in charge of team management associated to its projects. Responsible of the data and experiment conditions.


The main contributors of data to one or more research projects under the lead of a Head of research. Responsible of providing reliable data as well as instructing and guiding scholars and assistants.


Contributors of data to one research project following the advice of another researchers. Responsible of providing reliable data.


The base rank of the corporation. Newcomers learning the basics of science development and data contribution to projects under the supervision of scholars and researchers.

External contact:

Affiliates and another kind of non scientific acquaintances that can prove useful to the corporation.