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Roberts Space Industries ®

Happy Haulers / HH96

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“We SCU it and flew it!”

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Conceived among friends in 2952 and launched on the first day of 2953. The four Citizens who began our journey have always been committed to supporting others and operating with honor. We don’t put up gold statues to them or anything, because that’s just weird. Ships have been pledged and bought in-game. Cargos and customers have come from all walks of life.


Happy Haulers tackles the distances needed to move anything around the ‘verse. We are dedicated to the industrial side of the ‘verse including cargo, salvage, mining, trading, data, science, transportation, and smuggling. If it needs to get to somewhere from somewhere else, call Happy Haulers.


· Own (pledge or aUEC) a ship for your preferred industrial game loop. (A salvage ship, a mining ship, a cargo ship, etc.)
· Offer and accept only fair contracts
· Treat all cargo and customers with earned respect
· Honor all contract terms
· Adhere to instructions issued by Wharfingers and Dock Bosses
· Notify Enforcement Bureau of any “difficult” customers