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High Five Club / HIGHFIVE

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Welcome to the High Five Club.

This club is for veteran officers like Grand Admiral and above to meet, discuss and enjoy some booze.

Enjoy your stay!

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The High Five Club was founded on 27. November 2943 by Fabian Winkler, a Grand Admiral, to have some place for meeting other high ranking officers when they are off duty. Word spread and the High Five Club was visited by a growing audience.

Today, people especially enjoy the comfy leather chairs, the outstanding bar and the cozy fireplace while discussion the best use for their fleets of ships. If you are a high ranking officer and know the secret coordinates then don’t hesitate to check it out at least once.


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Code of Conduct.

1. All members are to be treated with the utmost correctness and without prejudice.

2. Getting banned from the forum leads to expulsion from this organization.

3. Any member may demand satisfaction should a quarrel occur. This will be attended to promptly and in the presence of a member witness and adjudicator.