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Altruism, Loyalty and Valor. The three things that form this Brotherhood.


Either men will learn to live like brothers, or they will die like beasts.

The Founding

The Hive, much like any other group in the UEE jurisdiction, are {{REDACTED}} to the Nine Tails.

They often aided the Crusader Security forces when the Nine Tails would lay siege upon their facilities.

Most likely coincidence, in these missions, sometimes the CruSec forces would be completely wiped out, facilities left empty of ship components and heavy weaponry.

At times it almost seemed like The Hive aided the Nine Tails in Crusader space. Though, their allegiance during the Siege of Orison made most ignore their potential evil deeds.

Siege of Orison

The Hive mercs had the most presence on Hartmoore Platform. Where they regrouped to push alongside the CDF to take out the Anti-Air.

Once the guns were offline, more members arrived by Cutlass.

Though, as always with The Hive,
ship comp{{REDACTED}}.

In their efforts of combatting the Nine Tails, their services would be provided to any individual or organization who had the right amount of credits.

Reputation Built

Months after the Nine Tails siege on Orison, facilities on ArcCorp had missing components and some security forces KIA. Plenty of Civilian grade ship components were lost and never found.

The Hive was frequently hired to protect the traders as freelancers in the ArcCorp jurisdiction as escorts. Ground and Space.

Their choice of weaponry and tactics show that they aren’t a PMC (or part of the UEE), reports show that they were in contact with some of the ‘freelancer managers’ in Area 18.

Though, their deeds in protecting honest traders can not be ignored.


The Hive

The Org itself IS NOT necessarily a Roleplaying org, we do have some aesthetic goals we would like to accomplish just for fun, but mainly we are just a group of Star Citizens who want to enjoy the game, do all sorts of content together, and just have fun.


The idea is somewhat in reference to Star Wars, the Rebels specifically, in how their fleets in the beginning were just repurposed non-combat ships to ‘do their best’ in combat. With some military ships. In the beginning the idea is to have most of the fleet be stuff like MISC ships, Drake ships, but the less ‘war ready’ ones. With more utility in other fields. With some ships like the Scorpius, Hurricane, Arrow, etc.

But if you heard about us through someone, and just want to join to have fun, that’s ultimately what we aim for. Star Citizen in its current state is a ‘make your own fun game’. And for some of us, making our own fun means getting together and flying junk ships into a warzone.


Anyone is welcome, we have an aesthetic goal, but it is not required to join the fun!


The Hive has interesting methods and code, though they can sometimes be ruthless.

Bounty Hunting Certifications

  • Master Tracker License
  • Suspect Apprehension Certificate
  • Fugitive Recovery Certificate

It is recommended to only hire The Hive if you do not care if the bounty is dead.