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Roberts Space Industries ®

Frontier Hiveworks / HIVEWORKS

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Exploration
  • Resources

At Frontier Hiveworks, we don’t let the far reaches of space “bug” us!


Founded in 2950 after 2 Top hatters ate some space burritos at Everus Harbor, Frontier Hiveworks was formed to explore the stars, survey the horrors of space, and assist in the expansion of our collective wallets! Amazing what happens after slamming your own hull with torpedoes!

Whether we land cargo haulers upside down or use a Cutlass as an anti capital ballistic round, Frontier Hiveworks always gets the job done!

2951: After many incidents of accidental pacification, The company uniform was adjusted to its signature black and yellow Hiveworks colors to reduce medical expenses to personnel. The company also greatly expanded its industrial productivity, increasing its ability to reliably crack rocks, ships, or skulls!

2952: Currently strip mining every possible bit of quant in the sector and repurposing Stanton’s unlawful drug production into wallet girth satisfaction. According to one executive: “stonks” are at an all time high!


Make money, have a good time and hang out.


In General, follow rules and TOS. Keep things pretty civil and chill among the hive. We’re all here to have a good time, have fun and hang with some cool people!