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Hammertime / HMMR

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Hi we are Hammertime, we are a semi-casual PMC organisation with a focus on a balance of both unstructured and structured community operations. We value our community as a whole aim to be an inclusive and friendly organisation. Our operations include all aspects of the game from mining to science.


The History Of Hammertime

Hammer Time is a 3+ year-old gaming community that started out as a community in Planetside 2, we were known for combing large scale structured operations and casual play. Since Planetside, members of our community have branched off and formed their own groups in many other games such as Black Desert Online, ArmA 3, Seven Days To Die and of course Star citizen.

We have since moved out of PlanetSide only now doing casual operations from time to time however the majority of the community are moving over to Star Citizen to form a PMC group that incorporates all aspects of the game such as Science, Exploration, Agriculture, Mining and much more fields that are yet to exist.

Our community is heavily based inside our Teamspeak server which is highly active and a great place to hang out with friends. We host community events and with our own private server, we host many of our community private servers including our own forums and website.

However Hammer Time is not all fun and games at times we must take it upon ourselves to “discipline” other communities and organizations that chose not to cooperate with our greater good.


About us
Hammer Time Gaming is a semi-casual Australian / Kewee gaming community.
We enjoy playing together over many games and talking shit to each other over team speak, we are very friendly and welcoming so long as you don’t mind taking a little bit of shit talking every now and then.
The majority of our community are seeking to move into Star Citizen to satisfied there itchy trigger figures all throughout the verse.

What we will be doing
Hammer Time will be a flexible organisation that will allow our members to participate in all aspects of the game on launch,
we will have groups of people working together as a community to allow each other to succeed in and follow their own goals.
In regards to illegal operations we to not condone any illegal activity this includes piracy, drug trafficking, kidnapping ect. (basically no naughty stuff) so if you wanna pirate this is not the org for you.

Our beliefs as an Organisation
Here at Hammer time, we treat all members of our community as equals and that all members are valuable parts of our organisation.
All members in Hammer time have a say as to the future of the community, however, leaders if necessary will have the final say.
We tolerate no discrimination or bullying of any kind and make sure to the best of our ability that Hammer time is an inclusive place for all players of all backgrounds.

Our Assets
The Hammer Time organisation inside Star Citizen has a fleet of around $3000 worth of LTI (life time insurance) Ships which will be able to be
used by trusted members of our community so that they may follow any operation they wish to perform on launch day.
The wider Hammer Time community has access to many more assets including:

  • A high end server (allowing members to host games they wish to play with friends)
  • Private servers in games including Space engineers, Minecraft and ArmA 3 (hosted by our sever)
  • An official website (WIP)
  • Official forums
  • A highly active 128 slot (adaptable) team speak
  • A privet animal we call “uni” which we use for entertainment (he bites)


HammerTime Code Of Conduct
1) No harassment of other people in the form of constant derogatory remarks about race, religion, skin colour, ethnicity age or sex.
2) No forcing or talking about trolling issues such as Nazi’s genocide Africans burning each other or any other inhumane acts of violence against others.
3) If someone has an issue with someone you let them know and if they persist bring it up with someone within the hierarchy and we will deal with them .
4) If you need a hand with something let people know and just ask nothing is a stupid question on a game and do not use this as a way to troll people.
5) Be mindful of new people and be considerate and make them welcome stay away from Panini Grill the saltiest den these guys run salt mines.
6) Do not discriminate about sexual orientation what so ever we will not tolerate it.

During times of ops and events, we will expect you to behave a little more in line than “the usual”
Don’t expect us to police you on how to act, though. Happy Venturing!

If you are interested in joining our community Apply using the template located Below or on our forums or Teamspeak.