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Homestead Industries / HOMESTEAD

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Homestead Industries – Agronomic production, research and development

We work for the advancement of agronomic understanding both in space and planetside

Currently hiring! – We are undergoing changes in our structure at the moment, but recruitment is still open


Homestead was founded by Veterans of the UEE Navy who after servicing their respectable military career wanted to do something different. Rather than fight on the battlefield they wanted to start find another field of their own.

They wanted to give back what they have learned and started to make a farmland on a friendly planet. After a time, they started to teach the locals to do farming themselves.

As the year went by the small group of veterans made Homestead Industries. A company that would focus on the advancement of agronomic understanding. For farming not just on planetside but also in space. The fleet expanded to include a brand new MISC Endeavour with Bio-domes and research capabilities to further their understanding.

Through the years Homestead evolved into a company that focuses on the quality of products instead of quantity.

We are looking for a good suitable place to build our headquarters. Got ideas? contact us and you might be rewarded

People of interest

The founding members (Also current members of the board) :
  • Sabotaurus Owner, Chairman of the board.
  • Mildras Member of the board and Head of Administration.
  • Alaran Member of the board and Head of Commerce.
  • jOKe Member of the board and Head of Production.
  • Gammablitz Member of the board and Head of Engineering.

During the years Homestead had through different means and reasons developed new sub-companies to fullfill duties not neceserry related to the industrial aspect. Such as a salvage and recovery organization named Star ratS. And a sporting team. Also expending on medical support to local and adjecant communities.


We work for the advancement of agronomic understanding both in space and planetside

Homestead works toward furthering this field and are not profit-hunters. We provide schooling and training as well as providing raw produce to citizens in need. We want to make quality products and produce great research that can be relied upon

Homestead Industries:

  • Research and Development Division
  • Agronomic production on planet
  • Agronomic production in space
  • Transportation
  • Trade, patent holding and commerce
  • Administration
  • Seed Retrieval
  • Foraging

The Homestead Family also includes:

Homestead Medical Research and Administration
HMRAA are currently in the development fase. Due to the parent company intention to settle farming and production senters close to areas deemed dangerous the board suggested setting up a structure to deal with casulties. The Homestead board directs HMRAA do provide medical and emergency care to both civilians and employees.

Homestead Sports

Star ratS

Homestead Insurgency and Territorial Suppression


Homestead Industries follows these guidelines:

1 – We shall never stop our effort to learn new things
2 – Homestead is a home for kindness, professionalism, and friendship
3 – Weapons are tools, learn how to use them
4 – assist others when they need us the most

We want our members to be at least 18 years of age

We try to assist with humanitarian aid as often as we can and to hand out food and resources to relief operations.

Homestead Industries is owned by the board of directors.

the Homestead Board has 5 members, also known as founding members. each member of the board heads his/her own department. The primary function of the board is to make sure that policies and “big picture stuff” are being followed and that the departments work within the given parameters.

We support Mira Ngo for Imperator!