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Homestead Industries – Agronomic production, research and development

We work for the advancement of agronomic understanding both in space and planetside

Want to be a space-farmer? join us, send in your application today!


Homestead was founded by Veterans of the UEE Navy who after servicing their respectable military career wanted to do something different. Rather than fight on the battlefield they wanted to start find another field of their own.

They wanted to give back what they have learned and started to make a farmland on a friendly planet. After a time, they started to teach the locals to do farming themselves.

As the year went by the small group of veterans made Homestead Space Industries. A company that would focus on the advancement of agronomic understanding. For farming not just on planetside but also in space. The fleet expanded to include a brand new MISC Endeavour with Bio-domes and research capabilities to further their understanding.


We work for the advancement of agronomic understanding both in space and planetside

Homestead works toward furthering this field and are not profit-hunters. We provide schooling and training as well as providing raw produce to citizens in need.

Homestead Industries:

  • Research and Development Division
  • Agronomic production on planet
  • Agronomic production in space
  • Transportation
  • Trade, patent holding and commerce
  • Administration
  • Seed Retrieval


Homestead Industries follows these guidelines:

1 – We shall never stop our effort to learn new things
2 – Homestead is a home for kindness, professionalism, and friendship
3 – Weapons are tools to, learn how to use them
4 – assist others when they need us the most

We want our members to be at least 18 years of age

We try to assist with humanitarian aid as often as we can