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Homestead Spaceflight – For safe and comfortable travels

We at Homestead work every day do meet your transportation needs. Either you need to travel from Earth and to the edge of the UEE for a lunch meeting, or transporting delicate cargo from one place to another, Homestead should be your choice!


Homestead Spaceflight INC.

We started out as many other companies do, with a family. The Homestead family was a ship-faring family and had always worked with ships in any capacity. Martin Homestead was the head of the family and was a captain in the UEE fleet. When he retired from the navy his first order of business was to buy his very own starliner. He employed his wife and his son as stewards and began ferrying people from planet to planet for a low cost. They were not aiming to become rich, they loved the work and as long as they were able to cover their cost, they were satisfied.

After a while, the old Martin Homestead was getting weaker and his son Emiteus was taking over the pilot seat. At this time the competition grew and they had to expand to keep alive.

Since no-one in the family was corporation type of people they reached out to a person they only knew by the nickname “sabo”. This Sabo helped them to get on their feet and to invest in new ships, steady routes and staff. With Sabo at the leading end of the corporate table and Emiteus in the pilot seat, the company grew bigger.

Homestead today

Today our company is divided into three major divisions:

Our main service. We provide safe and regular flights between planets, moons, and station. With the Crusader Industries Genesis, we feel that all your needs will be fulfilled. The ship itself provides amenities and comfort that you deserve and with our dedicated personnel will make you want to keep traveling with Homestead Spaceflight over and over again.

Homestead was and always will be about giving our customers that little extra care and service. Through our VIP service, you can order flights for any reason you want, to any destination you want*. The Origin 600I Touring is our main VIP ship. These ships provide a comfortable and pleasant feel for your travels and can serve as a place for meetings and offices.

We know that our passengers might have special needs. Some need a high-value item transported, or perhaps you need to send a package as soon as you can and cannot wait for the regular transportation. Our cargo division will make your needs a priority. We uses RSI Constellation Taurus as our main Cargo vessels. These ships provides us with all the necessary tools to secure and protect your possessions.

Partners and affiliates

Origin 600I Owner’s Club

The Outer Rim Calition

In support of Citizen’s Coffee Company


Homestead Spaceflight specialty is in the transportation of passengers and their cargo. Our space-liners can be tailored to your needs. Our pilots, staff, and engineers work tirelessly to make sure that your time in our care goes as smoothly and comfortably as possible.
We work with known and trusted manufacturers like Origin Jumpworks GmbH and Crusader Industries to have the best machinery at hand.

We pledge:

- To give you a safe and comfortable transit
- That your cargo will be handled with care and respect
- To respect our passengers and clients, your secret is safe with us


Our goals:

1: Homestead is working towards having 15-20 active members
2: Homestead’s fleet includes 3 Genesis Starliners, 2 Origin 600i Touring, 2 RSI Constellation Taurus


Pledge to our customers

  • We pledge to give the best service and safety that you deserve
  • We pledge to provide a comfortable and smooth journey
  • We pledge to handle your cargo with the utmost care
  • We pledge to honor our agreement
  • We pledge to always aim to be better

Homestead Shuttle pledge

Every flight with us will include the following:

  • A comfortable seat
  • One free beverage
  • One free item of food
  • Free access to our onboard entertainment system
  • One item of cargo (size and weight limits will be informed upon purchasing your ticket)

Homestead VIP Pledge

Origin 600I provides the perfect platform for our “space limousines”. With this ship, we can provide you with the perfect area for you to travel and conduct business, or if you just want to travel with a little more luxury and style.

Homestead Cargo Pledge

Our cargo service is not meant as a large freight operation. We transport your cargo with the intention to see it from a to b with a personal dedication. This also means that we can transport whatever items you need to move. Without questions*

*transported goods must be legal. Homestead Spaceflight will not take any responsibility for illegal cargo seized by authority