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UEE Medical Corps / HOSPITAL

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Role play
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  • Infiltration

To provide medical specialist support services in battle and humanitarian emergencies throughout the UEE.

Feel free to jump into discord (it’s the best place to get hold of us!)


Since Roman times, Armies have sought to ameliorate suffering of sick and wounded in the field through the timely use of medical support. In those same traditions forged in battle, so too the modern UEE Medical Corps strives tirelessly to support UEE Forces, Allied Independent Units, and the citizens of the Empire.


Recruitment is not yet open, after all we don’t have HOPE class hospital ships – not yet. But we will have them, and will be alpha and beta testing hospital based gameplay in Star Citizen with a view to maximizing both realism and fun (RP supportive) gameplay.

The intent is to create a network of safe-to-spawn-on medical ships which provide players with confidence that they have not just stepped into a trap. Unless, of course, you are wanted by the UEE, then you might well have some explaining to do.



Uniform is required at all times while on duty or embarked in space. Standard fraternisation and customs apply at all times, however compliments (salutes) are not to be given or returned in clinical areas.

All HOPE Class Medical Units are to be maintained in the highest state of readiness.

No UEE Personnel or UEE Civilians in good standing are to be denied medical services without proper cause such as operational necessity, quarantine, or enemy action.

The UEE accepts no liability for injury, infection, death or unwanted surgical modifications performed while underway.