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“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float; to gain all while you give; to roam the endless routes of Systems remote; to travel is to live.”


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House Merc Galactic Consortium Operating Guidelines

  • To provide a Neutral Mobile Services/Trading Location that can offer a wide range of services, supplies and information open to all factions, alignments, and alliances.
  • To Support Members and Allies in freely exploring the Universe and embarking on Personal Adventures without extreme limits or regulation of game-play or enjoyment.
  • To offer Harbor & Services for Org’s and Players who find themselves in need while on their Travels, or due to limited playtime.

Mission Statement

House Merc Galactic Consortium – HMGC, seeks competition with no one, We have no interest in holding Power or Control of Systems, Trade, or People. We exist to explore space and to experience what the universe has to offer. At the same time we look for opportunities for our members and Allies to turn their respective trades and follow their dreams and ambitions. We believe strongly in Neutrality and see no one as a enemy unless they take actions to change our views. UEE or Pirate, Trader, or Explorer, you are welcome to join our Convoys as we wander through space. We are happy to be able to provide the sale of supplies and services for those who find travel back to hub systems taxing or impossible. The only thing we ask is to respect our simple Charter for ship safety.


(Subject to change as the game-play mechanics Develop)

In Game Rules for Full Org Members, Allies, Clients, and Convoy Members:

1. All are welcome to float with the Org regardless of factions or Org membership, as long as they respect Org rules, and the subject has not previously shown to be a danger to the Org, its Allies or Org Standings.

2. Pull your weight in a defense situation, if you are able. If you are in a ship not capable of combat or is under crewed, Please yield to the combat ships moving to defend and get to safety.

3. Yield to the Org’s Large Mass Ships. They do not stop, turn, or respond Quickly.

4. Respect the 20km (subject to change) Neutral Zone originating from the Current Org Flagship. That means no combat, unless in defense, no bounty collecting, piracy etc. All are welcome to float and Trade with us. This is also a place where factions can meet on Neutral ground to make deals, resolve issues, or have meetings. Outside that area, we will not interfere with situations other than ones that threaten the Org, Allies, or responses to Distress Calls.

5. Observe the Spawn Zones of the Org, This allows for spawning in of players ships and movement of the Large Mass ships to address unexpected situations. Always spawn out in the designated Spawn Zones and move away from that point upon load in, so other ships can use the location to Spawn or Log Out.

In Game Rules for Full Org Members, and Allies:

1. If you continually commit offenses that cause your reputation to threaten the Operation and Safety of the Org, you will be asked to leave the Org/Org’s Convoy, for the Preservation of the Org and Org Operations. This does not mean you are unwelcome, not a Org memebr or no longer a Ally. We must keep the Org Trade reputation in good standing with all Major Factions and Org’s in order to provide for the needs of all Members, Allies, and Clients.

2. Refrain from taking Org supplies without Prior Authorization or Notification so we can keep proper inventories of supplies and products.

3. Respect a ships owner’s wishes and shipboard rules as long as they do not conflict with or threaten the Org’s Safety.

4. If you damage a Org Member, Allies, or Clients property, do your best to honorably resolve the issue and report to a Overseer or Above, once the situation is resolved between Parties, or if issues arise in the resolution phase.

5. Bossman or Designated proxy have final say on Org Operations/Movements/Alliance decisions, if it would potentially threaten, harm, or economically damage the Org, Members, Allies, or Clients.

Hard Line Rules for Full Org Members Only

1. No Griefing, Trolling, or Harassing people, Org members or not. Continued offenses will get you Banned from the Org, and a Bounty Placed on your head for any continued offenses. DELIBERATE PAD RAMMING GRIEFING IN SAFE/STARTING ZONES WILL GET YOU KICKED FROM THE ORG. We consider it Spawn Camping and prevents new Players from playing the game, which is not cool. Outside those areas, do as you wish. No starting shit, But defend yourself as appropriate.

2. No racism, sexism, religion bashing, etc. Be Respectful and Honorable with people, Avoid making trouble for the Org. If someone means to cause you unprovoked harm, Defend yourself to the Max, and Call for Backup from the Org.