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“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float; to gain all while you give; to roam the routes of Systems remote; to travel is to live.”


House Merc Galactic Consortium, or HMGC, was founded on the Planet Terra, by Raxsis Ohnaka and a group of Old Friends, planing to carry on their Trade and Industrial Ambitions, Dreams, and Operations.

After completing 12 years of Honorable UEE military service on a UEE Bengal, patrolling the Perry Line, Raxsis Ohnaka, along with, Baalvi Sirathel, and Aedan Anders , left the service and joined up with long time associates, Austin Acyd and Horace Tibbs, to operate the newly formed Consortium and to continue their families merchant and industrial traditions.

Through careful planning and hard work the group were able to scrap together a solid small fleet Lead by the Banu Flagship, Horo’Sha, that allowed them to explore outside of UEE space and follow each of their own interests. Over time they welcomed more associates and Friends on their travels and found themselves a mobile rest stop for those who needed repairs, rest or resupply, regardless of affiliations.

HMGC can now be found moving through deep and free space, welcoming those who are looking to trade, repair, network, heal, tank up, or just have a place to relax while following personal dreams while exploring the universe.


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