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Head Poppin' Daddies / HPD

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Exploration, Bounty Hunting, Dogfighting and maybe a little Piracy. Wrapped in Sarcasm and topped off with the occasional off-color joke.

We’re Adults.


Head Poppin’ Daddies emerged in the days of Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament 2003 as a way to organize a group of individual gamers. Historically, we have primarily been a group of FPS gamers, playing the Quake, Unreal, Left4Dead, Battlefield and ARMA series. We also have a full-time Minecraft server running for when we need a break from destroying and feel the need to create.

All of the members present here grew up with the X-Wing and/or Wing Commander games and except for a couple exceptions, haven’t put any serious time into a space/flight sim in a long time. We definitely have some dust to clean off of our wings once Arena Commander is released.

We also have a Mumble server that’s always up and running, and its not uncommon to have a member or two logged in to BS even if they aren’t playing anything.

Check us out. We are a laid back group of adults that doesn’t take ourselves, or the game we are playing too seriously.


Have Fun. Have a sense of humor. Pop some heads.


Rules? Don’t troll your fellow members… too much. Non-members, well that’s another story.