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Honest Skilled Gaming / HSG

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  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Security

Welcome to Honest Skilled Gaming

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About Us

1. Introduction of HSG | Honest Skilled Gaming

(Axxo) is the creator and founder of HSG.

HSG | Honest Skilled Gaming

Was created for Star Citizen

We hope to expand HSG and become one of the most viable Organizations out there for years to come!

1. Divisions

We plan to engage in various aspects of the game

1. 【Military Division】(Escort, Security, Data, Bounty and Military)

2. 【Exploration Division】(Medical, Science, Data and Astronauts)

3. 【Trade Division】(Pilot, Transport, Cargo and Trade)

4. 【Resource Division】(Mining, farming, reclaiming, collecting gas and all other resources)

5. 【Pioneer Division】(Engineering and all related objectives for new establishments/land flipping)

2. Ranks

【Captain】 (Leader of any crew or division)

【Commander】(2nd In Command, leader of a specific crew and division)

【Lieutenant】 (Officer – Has authority to engage in all Org activities)

【Astronaut】(Medical, Science, Data and Exploration)

【Cuy’val Dar】(Engineer, Escort, Bounty, Security and Military

【Transporter】 (Pilot, Transport, Cargo, Trade and all other resources)

Future ranks to be added

3. Roles


Being a Captain means you know how to work well with every member and division

The following responsibilities include:

– Knows how to pilot any ship and has the authority to lead!
– Flexibility in joining diverse game play.
– Logs in on a daily basis to check up on org activity.
– Permission to engage in every and all org related activities if needed!
If you enjoy monitoring , managing, having authority and enjoy helping members but also want to engage in everything with the org. Than this rank is fit for you!


Being a Commander is considered a high rank in HSG Star Citizen.

The following responsibilities include:

– Works well with all members and understands every division.
– Logs in on a daily basis to check up on org activity.
– Can lead a crew or division of sorts.
– Flexibility in joining diverse game play.


Being a Lieutenant is considered a high ranked officer in HSG.
A Lieutenant means you can work with every member and division within the org.

The following responsibilities include:

– Acting authority as an official officer.
– In charge of all HSG org recruitment.
– Reports any incidents or helping aid org members.
– Flexibility in joining diverse game play.
– Authority to lead when a Captain or Commander is not present.


You can be a full on astronaut just like in NASA and explore the universe with a certain group of individuals as you explore the unknown with your crew , just as you would right out of a Star Trek movie! Coming across ancient ruins, and encountering aliens as well as helping establish bases for HSG on unknown and new planets that host life.

The following responsibilities include:

– Studies planets of all sorts for collective information.
– Flexibility in joining diverse game play.
– Explore deep space discovery.
– Settle and find establishments for HSG org.
– Travel among the cosmos to discover Alien life!

Cuy’val Dar

Being a Cuy’val Dar is a primary soldier of HSG.
This is a core role for Military Division within the org.
Needed in a time of war or battle to go against and fend off to protect the org from all hostile threats.

The following responsibilities include:

– Protection of base operations.
– Exists with the code of Vode An.
– Acting as primary defense of HSG org.
– Protects the org from all hostile threats.
– Act as primary defense for needing to escort org members.
– Lend aid to protect all divisions for any operation needed.
– Can be hired for any type of mission in aiding escort, cargo or protection.
– Engages against pirates, outlaws, mercenaries and alien threats of all types.


Being a transporter is a very good rank to have if your interests are traveling alone often.
You can enjoy making profit while also helping the org make profit!
Your key focus as a transporter will be to transport anything from items to even players if they require. If you ever watched the movies of “Transporter”, than this is the rank for you!

The following responsibilities include:

– Covered ship insurance.
– Transporting any item, cargo or player.
– Transporting all cargo resources for any division needed.
– Lend aid for premium hired freelance services.

Future Ranks To Be Added
Transporter is acting rank for mining and all other resources currently in-game.

4. Our Goal

Our goal is to become one of the most helpful and friendly Organizations out there, that isn’t just an Organization but a place you can call home.
We’re a group that primarily aims in space exploration, security, transportation, trading, cargo, mining and among many other tasks out there to strive towards to.
We seek to become friends with new players to do everything that is possible in the verse, as well as growing as a team and family.

5. The Quality

We encourage each member who joins to stay active throughout the week/month for online activity so we can progress as a team.
We look for qualities in players who make them unique, who want to help out others and have a friendly environment everyone can enjoy.
As the end result, we’re all here to have fun and make most out of the game that is possible for future events to come!
All we ask is that you are to respect all the rules of the Organization and we believe we’ll all get along just fine.
We’re about the quality rather than the numbers.
We hope to see you soon!

6. Requirements

1. You must have HSG set as your main Organization to participate in future org related events.

2. If you’re redacted or hidden you will be automatically declined.

3. Affiliates can join HSG if they are Vode An.

4. Anyone invited must have a clean record prior to being invited to HSG and can’t be affiliated with any pirate Organizations.

5. Discord and a working headset.

6. Team player, good vibes and can communicate well with others.

7. Real life will always come first, so stay safe, have fun and be seeing you in the verse!

7. Them The Rules!

1. Real life comes first.

2. No discussion of politics, religion, or disagreeing with the rules or expectations of HSG.

3. Keep a kind and friendly environment!

4. Help members when it’s needed most!

5. Do not disclose any confidential information related to HSG.

6. Respect all members of HSG.
Insulting or provoking members will not be tolerated, this includes discrimination and online bullying.

7. Respect Officers within the HSG community. If you encounter an issue, please speak with an Officer to have it resolved.

8. Any member of HSG who is intentionally and constantly inappropriate, unreasonable or disruptive will be muted, banned or kicked depending on the severity of the situation.

9. 10% of all earnings will go towards supporting HSG

10. Guild events will usually take place in multiple voice rooms. It is during these times we ask that only Officers or higher ranked members give orders to be followed by those who are participating in the current event or online meetup.

11. last but not least, have FUN and enjoy!

8. Benefits

1. Jobs for Org and personal profit, applies for all members.

2. Members have access to the Org hangar and ships once available in-game.

3. Reduced cost on refueling and repairing.

4. Members of HSG can hire Engineers, Pilots, Medical and Security for free, can charge premium fees to locals.

5. Free transport for all HSG Org members.

6. Free Health insurance up to X amount, but after a certain sum it will build up in currency. Then transfers to a reduced cost instead of free.

7. Buy or sell goods, items, pets and weapons directly from within the HSG Org for a reduced cost.

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