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Hostile Paradigm / HSTL

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Hostile Paradigm – your online leader for crazy antics and Bad Ideas™.


Hostile Paradigm [HSTL] is an Industrial and faith-based organization. HSTL has been around since 2012. We’re a group with an extensive history, based around a core group who have played together through Planetside 2, Payday 2, Arma 2/3, Archage, Space Engineers, Vermintide, Left-4-Dead 1/2, etc. etc.

Our group is distinctly independent, enjoying our place as a community of misfits. We delight in breaking the systems in place as best we can (Bad ideas tm). Playing with the group means earning and fighting with the group to help it prosper.


The group is formed formed around Industrial gameplay, (Mining, trading, salvage, and data running) and our faith which consists of our eternal quest to find our homeland of Space Australia.

Current Goal:
Star Citizen is a developing game. Our intention is to develop with the game, growing organically as it does. Our goal is to run 2 ops a week, with play happening outside of those ops when it comes together. Goals for these nights will differ from week to week. So far it has subsisted of running cargo, locking down locations, testing tactics, or running in Arena Commander/Star Marine. We also regularly participate in Org vs. Org events, including privately set up matches and the Community organized events.


Play well with the group, and don’t be an ass
Politics/Drama/Religion is checked at the door
Com discipline
Willingness to participate in training

Use a microphone if able (We have a couple people who don’t so this is negotiable)