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Hyperspace Transport of Troops & Packages Secured / HTTPS

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Because your security matters, Norkaan, Edward D. Thelor and Lasty, founded H.T.T.P.S., a security driven corporation.

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In 2949, three expert pilots, Norkaan, Edward D. Thelor and Lasty, realized that the UEE was too dangerous for the average citizen.

They wanted to put their skill into a useful mission : make space safer.

Therefore, they founded H.T.T.P.S. or Hyperspace Transport of Troops & Persons Secured, a security driven corporation. That way, they were now able to get people to work within a single banner, with that same mission.


Whatever you need to ship, we can secure it.

For a fair price, your cargo, VIPs, troops will be protected by the finests of the pilots in the UEE.

No threat can overcome our unbeaten spacecrafts, so you can focus on your mission.


  1. No member may threaten a client
  2. A member may use force in order to fulfill their mission
  3. A member may not accept a mission if a client does not pay their deposit