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Hurston Broadcast Network / HUBNET

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With HBN you are watching, creating, or working for, the best broadcasting service in the ‘verse!



When Lorville was founded in 2912, many of the arriving workers relied on a small improvised workers union operated radio studio called “Matter” for their updates on the rest of the ‘verse. However, as some of the stories put out by the “Matter” studio reported on Hurston Dynamics’s alleged ethic inconcistency and deviating tax practice, the company had no choice but to acquire the studio. Official records show the owners of the studio accepted a non-disclosed monetary deal and turned it over in 2923.

Whilst enduring heavy protests from the workers, Hurston Dynamics rebuilt the studio to focus on imagery instead of radio. Hurston employees continued to report the news under the studios new name, the “Hurston Broadcast Network”. And in order to avoid further protests, Magda Hurston signed the “Independant Media company order” in 2924, stating that any and all image production coming out of the “Hurston Broadcast Network” must be produced by independant media outlets.

Hurston Dynamics has been broadcasting the news to it’s workers for a long time, but since signing Oliver Zark and Zark Media to produce the news show “Stanton Today” in 2949, the Hurston Dynamics news segment is slowly reaching for the rest of the population in Stanton, establishing itself as a serious and trustworthy news outlet.


HBN is a broadcasting network employing freelancing production companies for the HBN streaming services. The HBN board is made up of dedicated Hurston Dynamics management and representatives of each production company, where Hurston Dynamics hold the majority of votes. Companies looking to produce for HBN would start by applying for an HBN membership.


What do i do here?
Content creators who put out content that fit a broadcasting network formula can have their own space for their content here, reaching a crowd that is interested in their model.

How do i start producing for HBN?
You only need reach out to the board for the details and slam an HBN logo on your show and you’re good to go with your own feed here on the left.

What if i want to join someone else’s project?
Aside from producers, HBN and it’s affiliates employ voice artists, actors, extras, and everything else that could be needed in broadcasting productions. Just ask the producer you’re interested in joining and see if they have an open spot.

So whats usually going on here?
The day-to-day focus of the HBN discord is to provide a space where discussions about the empire and everything regarding video production around the UEE are the main focus.