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In 2950, Oliver Zark was hired by the Hurston Broadcast Network as their new leading news anchor for “Stanton Today”. He was on track to becoming one of the most well paid journalists around the empire, but through his digging journalism style he uncovered corruption and injustices deeply imbedded in the Hurston corporate culture.

Out of fear for his life, Oliver left Hurston right in the middle of a “Stanton Today” broadcast, but he didn’t leave on his own. Most of his crew of journalists left with him, and while trying to start up an independent broadcasting service where he could once again put out news and stories, he got together with other independent creators who were also keen on broadcasting their content, and thus, HubNet was a fact.

Over time, HubNet grew in size and opened up it’s doors to independent creators support, where creators within or outside of HubNet can use community knowledge and resources to enhance their own creations.

With creativity at its core, HubNet is taking on anyone who wants to follow us into the future.


HUBNET is a resource hub where SC-machinima makers can find actors, musicians, cameras, etcetera.

In-fiction though, HUBNET is a broadcasting service free of charge, resting on the content stream of specific producers to provide citizens and civilians with quality news and entertainment.

The possibilities provided for independent creators by HUBNET are free of charge and are in no way meant to be attributed to HUBNET.

We’re a HUB connecting independent creatives in the Star Citizen community.


What do i do here?

Immerse yourself in lore-friendly machinima made for the HubNet broadcasting service. The day-to-day focus of the HubNet discord is to provide a space for everything regarding video and machinima production.

- Get engaged in other peoples productions using our role-assignment function.

- Find a crew for your project using our recruiting-centre.

- Get help with editing, audio, foip or anything technical in our support-centre.


How do i start producing for The HubNet?

Check out the different ways available for you to promote your content over on hubnet-media-guide on discord.