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Slavers, Inc.

Humanity Wholesale


Want to get as close as Humanly possible to a UEE battle carrier without joining the Navy or committing terrible acts of piracy? Nul is the place! One of the earliest systems charted by Humans, Nul was discovered in 2290 by NavJumper Antoine Lebec. Contemporary (and oft-disputed) folklore claims that the system’s name comes from a misunderstanding, where Lebec replied “nul” he had not found anything interesting in the system. Nevertheless, it remains the sole star credited to Lebec, despite his noted proficiency with early jump drives.

Nul’s high point is the fifth planet, Ashana, home to the single thing that might someday transition the system from slaver hell to tourist attraction: a city built out of a wrecked Human battle carrier. In 2571, the UEES Olympus pursued a group of rebels and pirates back to their makeshift base on Ashana. The ship’s commander directed the Olympus to make a run at the base that took it too far into the atmosphere. The drag slowed the Olympus below its sustainable speed at that altitude and it was unable to recover, resulting in its loss with all hands.

The Olympus crashed to the planet’s surface, where it impacted in the desert wasteland. The crash quickly attracted scavengers, who began to pick the ship clean, until they realized that it was a more pleasant environment than the windswept deserts they had previously called home. When the navy did not dispatch another force to eliminate the wreckage, squatters moved in and turned the Olympus into a town of the same name.


Who’s asking?


Who’s asking?