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Horizon Industries / HZI

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Hail, traveler of the stars. We are Horizon Industries; a small group of citizens dedicated to diverse smaller enterprises while coming together for larger group-wide events.


Horizon Industries exists as not just an organisation but as a concept. That concept being; The acquisition of wealth through whatever means necessary.

This concept dates back throughout the history of humanity ever since the European medieval era on Earth. Ever since this era, Horizon Industries has existed in some form or another but it was never a large organisation until much later in its lifetime. It is documented that a small group of former soldiers during the Napoleonic wars (each distantly descended, coincidentally, from various members of a small group of European mercenaries) came together to protect each other’s businesses and to better their fortunes. These small partnerships eventually led to the formation of Horizon Industries many year later (which had another name at the time). These soldiers turned store-owners colluded and engaged in legitimate and illegitimate enterprises, selling to both sides of the law to amass and maximise their wealth.

The organisation survived for two generations before it fell into bankruptcy and ruin due to bad financial decisions of the group’s senior members. Historical records and notes about the group were passed on for generations upon generations gathering dust until larger space exploration began. The owner of these well-preserved documents was a young boy who was inspired by the endeavors of his ancestors and decided that he too would seek wealth in the stars, regardless of the cost. This boy would later begin the formation of Horizon Industries as it exists today.


We are a group comprised of people who seek a diversity of experiences and, to that end, we cater to the enterprises of all members regardless of what they desire to do. We believe in gaining wealth which has led to our more shady activities which a majority of the group will be involved in from time to time, regardless of their own enterprises (each group member will need to contribute to the whole occasionally). We seek freedom, opportunity and wealth; especially wealth.


The rules that members of Horizon Industries must follow are short and simple:

1: Do not bring grudges against other members from past games/groups into HZI.

2: Participate in the occasional group event to earn your continued place.