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Roberts Space Industries ®

Intergalactic Cake and Business Management / ICBM

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- to join you must have a hardcore intergalactic cake


Welcome to Intergalactic Cake and Business Management (ICBM), the leading company in the galaxy for all your business needs.

We started our journey in 2423, when we realized that there was a gap in the market for an organization that could offer comprehensive and customized solutions for any business challenge. Furthermore, we decided to fill that gap and create a company that would provide a wide range of services, such as marketing, accounting, legal, logistics, and strategic planning.
Soon we decided to make cake our signature product and symbol. We believe that cake is the ultimate expression of happiness and celebration, and that it can bring joy and peace to the galaxy. Hence, we always have cake at our meetings, events, and parties, and we share cake with our clients and partners. Furthermore, we also have a secret stash of cake in our spaceship, the so-called Cake Vault.

Our popularity and with it our Organization have grown rapidly over the years, which is why we have expanded our operations to over 50 planets and star systems. Not only that, but we have worked with hundreds of clients, from small startups to large corporations, and helped them succeed in their ventures and missions. Throughout the galaxies we have also established a reputation for excellence, innovation, and discretion.
We are proud of our achievements, and are trying to stay humble and grateful. Here at ICBM we never forget our passion for cake and our mission to help others. We are always looking for new opportunities and challenges, and we are always ready to serve you.

We are Intergalactic Cake and Business Management, and we are here for you.

A Selection of loyal Customers will get access to our latest Products soon. They come with an explosive surprise from within :D. Trust us, you will love it.


We are a team of professional and experienced consultants who can help you achieve your goals and dreams in the competitive and dynamic space market. We plan to bombard the market and practically anything — with cake of course….


You must have a cake and/or be a cake