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ICHOR is a Greek/English speaking multi-functional organization.

Our motto: Ten soldiers wisely led will beat a hundred without a head. – Euripides

Our SC goal: To prove that small/mid populated guilds can do serious things when they have teamwork.


* Ichor originates in Greek mythology, where it is the ethereal fluid that is the Greek gods’ blood….*

Ichor is a community of Greek/International gamers. We exist as a team since 2005 and we recently renamed our community Ichor. Through these years we have met a lot of people and we made a strong core. When we heard the name Chris Roberts, we all decided to be apart of his effort and make something big here, under the colors of the Ichor Flag. Ichor is a multifunctional Greek/English speaking organization and if you want to be among friends, teammates, if u want to fly your ship among our armada, if you are a person that respects both yourself and the organization, just apply to Ichor. Maybe you will feel Ichor running through your veins too…


ICHOR demands from all the members and all the ranks:

1) We play the game to have fun.
2) If you want to be apart of this organization ,mumble communication is mandatory.
3) Most of our players are 30+ years old so age restriction is 20 years old and older.
4) There is not an ‘i’ in ‘team’ so whenever Ichor calls you for a cause, you answer.
5) Plans, secrets, tactics is for you and Ichor only.
6) Sacrifice for the fleet and expect the same…
7) Be discipline and respect your fleet mates and expect the same.


Team Speak 3 info
pass: furry