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AUGUST 21st, 2944:
After the years of tension with the Vanduul that have grasped our lives I find myself talking to two of my friends (VIR257 and EvilSte) from our UEE Marine-days at a bar. After several years of duty we had taken it upon ourselves to no longer let out fates be decided for us by the forces that be. No longer would we be cast into the pits of eternal conflict and violence like marionets, dancing at every order and bullet that flew our way. No, on this day it was decided that we would come together at last, bound eternally by a certain set of principles, driven by mutual respect and henceforth strengthened in the knowledge that we, as brothers, would gladly lay down our lives for one another. Outside of combat and honor these three individuals shared another common interest; gaming. Each of them were veterans in “Star Marine” and this is also what led to the name. To most it was an inconspicuous evening, but to us it was the day of days, the day that ICI Gamers was founded!

AUGUST 24th, 2944:
Not much time has passed since my brothers and I decided to form an organization that lies within UEE controlled space. After our core founding principles had been set I immediately contacted my brother, sc0ut, and told him of our organization. It didn’t take much convincing as he had already flown countless missions for the UEE and he shared the views of his younger brother.

AUGUST 29th, 2944:
In only a few days time the ICI Gamers organization managed to grow to roughly 20 members when another familiar face shows itselves after having been lost in the vast reaches of space within UEE territory. Sterburger has been known for his former ties in the underworld of smuggling. Throughout the last couple of years whenever one of us brothers needed any contraband we were always able to find Sterburger who would always have that one product you could never find anywhere else when you needed it the most. Of course it came at an elevated cost but at least he was always able to deliver top quality.

SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2944:
At the dawn of a new month I look around and see a community that already has a few dedicated members that seem to see the same as I do. We decided to have a meetup downtown in a shady pub in ArcCorp. At this point so little is clear as to what lies beyond the stars except for the fact that the Vanduul seem to be our sworn enemies. We converse about what ICI Gamers should really be focused upon. Our believes decided that every member in this organization should feel at home to be themselves, not just another number like we all are in our daily lives. A point worth mentioning is that the subject of Piracy came across the table of conversation. We are, generally, not men of violence but by no means do we lack the ability to make our own way across the ‘Verse. That’s why we don’t encourage this style of living.

SEPTEMBER 7th, 2944:
During our meeting a few days back we met a man at the bar in ArcCorp, After our meeting, and several pints later, we shared stories of the past. This man told us a lot about his past and how, even before the recent tension, he truly hated the Vanduul. His wife and child were perished at the hands of a Vanduul scavenging attack on the moon he and his family used to live on. Not much later we realized his heritage dates back to the same family tree as that of Sterburger. It was then and there we all decided to extend an invite to our organization which he warmly embraced, His name; DivineWind

JANUARY 4th, 2945:
The rise of a new year. This year it well may be different. I celebrated the start of ’45 by drinking myself into a partial coma and having been under the influencing of Xi’an Flak, one of the ‘Verse’s most powerful drugs, waking up several days later in some brothel. I take a look at my Mobi glass to check the date. I see that it’s already January 4th after which I decide to contact my brethren over at our HQ. When I arrive at my Gladius I glance upon an unknown individual in my pilot seat. I was amazed at how he managed to hack my Lock3000 so quickly that I had only recently installed. The man didn’t expect to be confronted and was forced to tell that he was caught red-handed trying to steal my Gladius. I must admit…the man was honorable enough to admit his guilt and even managed to rub of some arrogance by mentioning how easily he’d hacked my security! I introduced Stile-010 to the organization.

OCTOBER 5th, 2945:
Months have gone by since my last entree but what better time to give it another entree as this one. As I was sitting on the couch watching some random economic update on how the UEE is going to invest part of their budget to research quicker system jumps, our program was interrupted by what an emergency news bulletin about what will be known as the Battle of Vega II. It was that this point that we all knew what was coming…war. I ran towards our HQ to meet up with my brothers. We all acknowledged that we must fight this Vanduul Scourge and that it may cost us our lives. That didn’t seem to matter though; we all knew what needed to be done.

NOVEMBER 4th, 2947:
It’s been over two years since the Battle of Vega II and I have only seen a few of my brothers. It seems some may have been missing in action or, possibly, even worse. The rage grows within me every day that I sit idle. We’ve all seen and heard the promising speeches of Admiral Bishop of ’46 but when will he deliver? When will it be time for us to finally put an end to the Vanduul Swarm as we know it? For me that day can’t come soon enough. I stumble upon an old colleague from back in my early days working in the processing plants. He tells me that when he got laid off he had no other choice than to join the UEE to provide for his family. He’s been making connections and working his way up the ladder of command ever since. His name is Hedzer and he’ll be joining the ICI Gamers.

DECEMBER 2nd, 2947:
Roughly one month after being reunited with a former colleague before all this, we have hit a benchmark within ICI Gamers. We now have 50 members and affiliations within our network! This is a sign towards progress and those that share the vision that we have. As far as linguistics go we still all communicate with eachother in English as we don’t identify towards one individual country but I have to mention that today we encountered an individual whose native tongue isn’t English but Spanish. He was quite open-minded and asked us questions about our goals as an organization and what we stood for. I could see that this individual shared our passion and with that we invited him to be our 50th; Hatore joined ICI Gamers.

JANUARY 6th, 2948:
It seems like the year 2948 might be that year we all were waiting for. Life in the ‘Verse is expanding ever so rapidly as more options are opened up to us which are clear signs towards progression. The UEE has announced quarterly updates with regards to the war against the Vanduul. This excited all of us within ICI Gamers as we feel this brings us together towards the common goal we are all here for. That being said quite a few of us still doubt whether or not the war will even properly begin this year. Some argue 2950 which seems accurate based on previous years. All we can do is wait…

JUNE 15th, 2949:
It’s been over a year since my last log here and I decided it was time to continue writing down my thoughts on paper. A fully developed UEE environment is well on its way but it may not be until 2950/2951 that we will see full-on interaction in this dynamic universe. A choice among a vast majority of the ICI Gamers council has landed on opening recruitment again to our diverse community.

JANUARY 2nd, 2951.
Another year has passed and, alas, we are no closer to finally uniting with our ICI brethren and sistren. CIG has promised glorious times ahead with the release of a technology known as iCache and SOCS to help improve the experience across the ‘Verse for all citizens. 2950 has been one of the more successful years for CIG which should be a good sign what this coming year will bring us. Our fleet is also more actively developing. Several of our members have recently updated their hangars and ICI Gamers now command a fleet of over 70 ships of which 6 are capital size.



The description says: “declare the intentions, motives and views of ICI”. Well this can be summed up real quick. We intend to have an abundance of joy and fun while playing and, at the same time, maintain a steady, democratic structure within our organization to try and ensure that all our members achieve the same (joy and their goals). As some people may have different goals than others we’ll do our best to setup dedicated divisions for each aspect of Star Citizen. We like to think that if you’re not enjoying yourself while gaming you’re probably doing something wrong.

Even though we aren’t classified as a RP organization we don’t mind having individuals in our community that are into the Role playing aspect of “Star Citizen”. Nonetheless a structured organization needs to have specific focuses in case certain members want to deepen themselves into certain aspects of the game.

About us before Star Citizen

The history of ICI Gamers dates back several years. It was founded by a group of friends who’ve known each other for quite some time. They decided to create their own community for people who are interested in socializing while gaming! The main idea was that we would create a community where people from any nationality can get together and play a variety of games and enjoy themselves. It was also a clear statement for us that all members should have a voice in how the community develops. This was also one of the main reasons we left the other community we were a part of. There it was more of a dictator system where it didn’t really matter what members wanted or thought may need changing. They acted purely on the interest of the leaders. We made it our mission to avoid this in each and every way possible and, therefore, want to give our members a voice that counts!

As mentioned above we want to give our members a voice that counts even if they are less active than other members. This not only encourages activity within the community but also gives our members a sense of integrity and importance. Since our organization is in the process of growing we believe that the more input we have from our members the better of a community we can become in the long run. An individual voice can be quite important if they have relevant information / feedback to contribute because nobody’s perfect! We might have overlooked something in the past that another member may point out to us.

Each of the individual founders of ICI Gamers has had years of gaming experience. Having this experience and having been part of a numerous communities in the past we believe that we possess some of the knowledge needed to create a stable and, more importantly, fun community. We’ve decided to focus on a broad range of member types because, again, our main objective is to enjoy ourselves while gaming. If this is with die-hard gamers that’s fine but we’re also extremely open for having casual members in our community. Many of us are either in their mid-twenties (or above) and have families that have a certain priority over gaming.

In the past we’ve had a community of, roughly, fifty members. This is quite small for a multi-gaming community but it did give the members a good, personal feel with the community. Each member we know by name and we share an interest in. Whether a member wants to share personal information with the rest of the community (or only the board members) is purely up to them. We always have our doors open to issues that relate to one’s personal life. We aren’t psychiatrists, of course, but we do have an interest in our members and would like to get to know them on a more personal level. This isn’t mandatory and if someone doesn’t feel secure in sharing their own information they don’t have to.

As part of our background it’s good to note that we started of as a multi-gaming community. When we were originally founded we were playing games like Battlefield 3 and DayZ: SA. Technically we still are but we want to make it a long-term goal to edge away from this and focus ourselves more on specific games. This doesn’t mean that anybody that is part of ICI Gamers isn’t allowed to play other games. This just means we want to try and give our community a more specific focus on what’s to come. If an ICI member wants to go play a different game for awhile and be less active in, for example, Star Citizen we will not immediately tell this member to leave our community and never talk to them again. This also shouldn’t mean that members disappear of the radar for months at a time without notice because that will result in a ban from the community.

Star Citizen, of course as most people know, is a product by Chris Roberts who brought us an epic title roughly twenty years ago: Wing Commander – Privateer. Some of the ICI Members have had countless hours played with Privateer and when we threw the idea in the mix amongst the members of ICI it seemed like the communal interest was high.

Exploration & Trade

Have you always wanted to cruise around in a spaceship exploring the depths of space with a non-NPC crew on a Constellation Phoenix (or other ships)? Here’s your chance! We’ll have a specific section of our corporation dedicated to pure exploration and the possible trade that may arise from this. Exploring has also been known to have its benefits and one of these may be the allocation of (unknown) resources which will be worth a pretty penny on the market either within the UEE or, possibly, outside of it.

Trading, however, doesn’t come easily. A ship carrying valuable goods is an easy target for pirates to pick off. That is why, I believe, it’s crucial to have an organization that explores various aspects of the game because doing a trading run unprotected is like putting a big, fat sign on your ship saying “Free loot – easy kill – do it now!”. Needless to say we’ll be offering our ICI members escort runs. If a certain dedicated trader has a shipment of cargo which he/she finds extremely valuable and doesn’t want to risk it all they can also ask amongst our organizational unit to see if there are available pilots ready to do an escort run!

Transport & Security

Have you always wanted to take hundreds of cargo units from point A to B? ICI Gamers offers its members the opportunity to transport freely across all UEE zones. Anyone that has a sense for stimulating the economy by the displacement of economic resources has come to the right place. As an organization that values the Star Citizen economy as one of the most valuable aspects of the game there will be plenty of transport vehicles put into service. Whether your flying an Constellation Taurus, A Freelancer MAX or you are just trading in smaller proportions and you’re piloting the Aurora CL your needs will be met within our community.

Are you one of those freighters? Have no fear because escorts are here! In order to help our own organizational members we also need enough people that are up for occasionally offering security to your fellow members. Security is an aspect that cannot be overlooked especially when you have members who are interested in trading/transport. To these individuals you will be a highly valued member if you are willing to secure their cargo and help them complete their objective.

NOTE: We won’t be attacking any members within our own organizational unit. The same goes for alliance members!

Freelancing & Mercenaries

Still not sure on whether you even want to be playing in groups and are you more of a lone wolf? There’s a place for you here among the ICI members. Since we are a casual organization we don’t force members to play only in teams. If there are people who rather freelance by themselves and follow the story then that’s absolutely no problem. Perhaps someone wants to be more of a mercenary and accept random missions of individuals offering UEC for a single mission. Feel free to do so!

Perhaps you are more of a Mercenary type of fighter who wants to hire his guns to out to the higgest bidder. We encourage that too! ICI Gamers will be an organization that will offer mercenary services to corporations in need of some extra firepower at extremely affordable rates. When doing mercenary runs you are strictly paying us for the fire support; any loot found during these type of excursions will be for our employer.


ICI Gamers doesn’t limit itself to only accepting members who are specifically interested in one aspect of the game. Perhaps quite the contrary; the more aspects you want to explore of the game the more welcome you are! That doesn’t mean that if a person is only interested in Role playing, for example, or only wants to do trading that we won’t accept him/her. We just want to emphasize that we encourage more than one aspect. If a player has a specific focus, however, that’s even better. As a matter of fact because our organization is still in full growth we want to setup an organized structure for every aspect within Star Citizen.

In order to successfully do this we would need a structured hierarchy system. It’s going to be hard to select members ahead of time and say that they will be the leader / commander / PR of a specific area. We will base this on a variety of things (organizational contribution, activity in-game, knowledge, etc.) I do want to make clear that as we’re in growth one can feel free to indicate that they may want to, eventually, become promoted within the corporate ladder and take on a variety of responsibilities.

NOTE: There will be more detailed information regarding the ranks and how to achieve these ranks on our webpage closer to the release date! If people are interested in leading roles such as Division manager of Transport / Exploration / Trade / etc. be sure to let a board member know ahead of time!


It’s important to note that the above aspects of the game are not in order of priority. With ICI Gamers there really isn’t a specific priority. Perhaps, eventually, there might be but this is something we will let our community decide roughly a month or two after the game has been officially released. Since the game hasn’t officially been launched yet it’s hard to establish your motives clearly. Perhaps within a year’s time we might have a rival Corporation/PMC or any other organizational unit that we would have strong opinions about. Who knows. Only time will tell. Creating an Alliance with other organizations is going to be one of our future goals once the game is released. We first want to see where our HQ will be located, what other organizations are nearby, who are a threat and who aren’t and lots of other factors will play a role.

We’ll be updating our website information more regularly than our organizational page here so if you are a member and want to be up-to-date with news and information be sure to check our forums. We’re going to explore the “Star Citizen” galaxy, in every aspect possible, and have a blast doing it!


Although ICI Gamers is a corporation with very few restrictions we do have several rules setup in order to keep some form of decency in the galaxy. Simply saying an organizational unit has no rules will very soon escalate to chaos and disturbance within the community itself. Along with these few rules that we’ve set we have a ranking system which is applicable both in The ‘Verse and in our communication channel; Discord.


- Affiliate: This is the status given to people who consider us their “affiliate” and are bound to a different organization.
- Recruit: This is the role that you start with as long as you join our organization. This role is generally given to someone for 1-3 months to see how active they are within our community (both in game and in Discord).
- Member: This role will be the rank given to people who’ve been with us for a period of 3-6 months.
- Veteran: The role of “Veteran” will be given once you’ve been with ICI Gamers either longer than 6 months or have been extremely active in voice during the first few months.
- Elite: This is the highest obtainable role within our community. Only given to people who have been a member of our community for longer than a year and who’ve proven active both in voice and in chat.
- Legendary: The actual highest role obtainable. Only given to people who’ve attended an annual ICI meet-up.

*Code of Conduct:

- No (excessive) swearing. Everyone may occasionally be frustrated and swear every now and again. This rule is more or less a grey area. If people continuously swear and, more importantly, direct this swearing towards other ICI members an appropriate action may follow.

- No racial abuse/slurs. This may perhaps be one of the more serious rules amongst our organization. We don’t discriminate! Any member that is caught in violation of this rule will be warned immediately. Continue to violate this rule and that particular member will be (permanently) banned from the community.

- Maintain a respectable attitude on the public RSI forums. Trolling or a violation of the above two rules will, also, result in an immediate removal from the ICI Gamers community.

- Affiliates of ICI Gamers are welcome on our Discord.

- Have a working microphone. This is quite a critical component. It’s hard to communicate with each other in the vast depths of space without having proper working communications.

- Have a sense of humor. Although this may not seem like an important rule all current ICI members value this as one of the highest priorities. If you join our community be up for some laughs. Humor is a part of our daily lives and we’d like to keep it like that!

- Be 18 years or older. Almost no exceptions will be made for this. The only exception that will be made for this rule is if you join us as an affiliate first and play with us after which, evidently, we can conclude that you are mature for your age and will fit among our ranks.

- Be active. Although we classify ourselves as an “casual” corporation we find it essential that no matter how much a player plays the game they should be active, at least, a few hours per week on average. If you have other obligations which prevent you from coming online for a few weeks in a row be sure to leave a message in one of the many Discord channels and/or DM one of the admins.

- Fun as your main goal. Regardless of what aspect of the game you decide to focus on you should have fun doing it. Joining ICI Gamers means you have fun as one of your main priorities and would like to achieve this by playing together wherever possible.

If you meet these terms you are more than welcome to apply and be accepted into our community but that’s not all of course. Being part of an organization has its benefits.

Member privileges:

- Be able to join our own Discord server. All members will be able to join our already open Discord server (even pre-release). We have numerous gaming channels for a variety of games we currently play and an entire category dedicated to Star Citizen.

- A reduced tax fee. Once the game is released there will be a particular form of taxation for each member to pay towards the organization. Assuming this can be changed we will change it (and lower it). We feel that lowering the tax rate will keep our members that little bit more happy as it would in real life if it could save us a few bucks per month.

- Lottery time! All the money taxed won’t be used mindlessly by our board to buy random things. Being part of our community will mean you’ll automatically be entered to win the monthly taxpot (a jackpot composed of taxes). This jackpot would be a certain percentage of our entire organizational wallet. The majority of this tax money, however, will be spent wisely on the further development of our corporation.

- Free escort service. When our organization is fully operational a large amount of members will always be up for some possible PvP action. Benefit from having pilots escort you to your destination free of charge (as long as they get to keep all, if any, of the salvage)!

- International community. Perhaps the long term benefit of it all. Get a chance to meet people from all across the world and socialize.

NOTE: Remember that these privileges are subject to change (only for the better). Since we don’t have 100% of the information regarding the game yet it’s hard to say exactly what we can offer members as perks but we will be expanding our member’s privileges as the game is furhter developed!

Hopefully we’ll see you as a part of our organization real soon. If not we’ll see you around the ‘Verse!