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Roberts Space Industries ®

Interstellar Combat Operations / ICO

  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Exclusive
  • Bounty Hunting
    Bounty Hunting
  • Security


Originally founded on 2942-04-22, ICO was conceived as a group of mercenaries, who pooled their resources in order to tackle the more dangerous contracts. While they usually accepted the job from the highest bidder, they had an intransigent rule – no piracy.

The money was flowing and the number of contracts was growing, but so was the number of enemies ICO made. More and more often ICO members were targeted in retaliatory strikes by pirate and Vanduul clans. Good men died in sordid ambushes.

Things were starting to get personal, and, on 2944-01-22, a decision was made to restructure ICO. Instead of a mercenary group, ICO has become a private military organization. Instead of pursuing individual contracts, ICO has set a global goal – the elimination of all threats to the lawful Citizens of UEE.

Together they have set out to make space safer.


= ICO Doctrine of Law (IDoL) =

In pursuit of Law and Peace, ICO strives to fulfill the following objectives:

1) Ensure the safety of flights within the boundaries of UEE

2) Expand the zone of safe flight to more systems

3) Promote cooperation between the Citizens of UEE


Be excellent.