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Independent Exploration Conglomerate / IEC

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  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Freelancing

A captain’s job is simple:

Find a Ship. Find a Job. Keep Flying.

Exploring the vast, emptiness of space is dangerous. With the IEC, you don’t have to go alone.

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Hello there, and welcome to the space-bar!
This is where our glorious brotherhood of only slightly drunken bastards hold their weekly meetings.
It’s the homeport of all the enthustiastic explorers, who can barely even wait to finish their drinks, before they head out into space again.
There’s also a reserved spot for a careless bunch of trucker-types, sipping their beer while eyeing you suspiciously.

In here, you will find almost any kind of character imaginable: Smugglers, scoundrels, tradesmen, fighterpilots, and all other kinds of dubious personalities.
But most importantly, it’s home.
Because all those wierd people here, they have a single thing in common:
They are all willing to help each other out.

Those explorers you saw? They are the lifeblood of this organization – they are ones who go out there, and find wonderous things in the black void!
They are then supported by that bunch of drunken idiots you also saw. ‘Cause those drunken idiots so happen to be our best, damn turretcrews – manning our Idris’ and Retaliators, defending the explorers.
Then we have the grizzled old fighterpilots sitting in the corner. Well, they do what they do best – Escort our ships, and shoot down aggresive pirates.
Lastly, there’s those truckers. They fly the Merchantmen and Starfarers, that transport all our valuable cargo around.

These people are a unique band of brothers. Comrades, who will help each other out with anything they are even remotely capable of.
And you can be with them.

IEC is for players focused on exploration, but working together to help each other in game.
Group will be immersion focused, without being extreme RP. I.E. Fly it like it’s real, but feel free to BS about IRL stuff.
While the main goal is exploration, the IEC is a group who will work together to serve each of the members goals in any type of mission.
The alignment of the group should be considered “Chaotic Good”, for those familiar with the Alignment Chart.”


A captain’s job is simple:

Find a Ship. Find a Job. Keep Flying.

With the Independent Exploration Conglomerate, you will not have to do this alone.

The verse is a big place. Anyone venturing out into the black is subject to those of lesser moral ground, making it a dangerous place. Exploration takes you out of secured shipping lanes into undiscovered nothing.
Best case: there’s something of value.
Worst case: there’s someone else, thinking YOU look like todays paycheck.
Membership with the IEC will help negate these worst case scenarios. The goal of the IEC is to unite like minded ships and crew so that they can cooperate to achieve their individual goals. A small group of ships and minds are more likely to accomplish their goals than is a solo ship.

An exploration group outfitted with ships of different roles offer the most likely formula for success.

  • Offense/Defense
  • Transportation
  • Exploration/Sensor Scanning

One ship will have difficulty doing everything alone. If you are chartered for an exploration run into an undiscovered void, the IEC will be there as your wingmen, helping you accomplish your mission. Your cost is dedication to the group you are running the charter with. Help another charter with a support role. Perhaps additional cargo space in your ship. Perhaps you fly a fighter escort for the group. Perhaps you fly point, allowing your advanced sensor scans lead the charter in the correct direction. Perhaps your ship has a low signature or hidden storage to help transport ‘gray’ materials.

While participating in UEE trade and citizenship, the IEC holds no contracted allegiance to the UEE or any other governing entities. The IEC operates to overcome any obstacle to achieve their current goal. Sometimes this requires discretion with UEE, or even complete evasion.

As an IEC charter, you will be required to avoid morally wrong jobs. Running outside the law is not forbidden as long as the ends are just. Engaging in piracy against innocents is forbidden. Slavery is forbidden as every person has the right to their own life.

Running illegal cargo which poses no threat to innocents is profitable as long as you aren’t caught or drop your cargo to avoid UEE. The IEC supports ‘grey’ trade.

However the main goal of the IEC is to work together to help each other discover what’s out in the void.
And to profit.


Any captain wishing to enlist with the IEC will be required to take the Pledge of Service.
The Pledge outlines the general, morally binding contract, that any member will be required to honor.

I, the captain of an independent vessel, hereby solemnly swear the service of my ship, and that of my crew, to the cause of the IEC.

I shall aid any fellow captain who has taken this pledge, be he in need, in the hope that he will in time repay this favor.

I shall do no evil to the common folk, nor shall I take up arms against my fellow captain, lest he intend harm or death for me and mine. Should my business with the IEC demand that I do this, I shall consider this oath fulfilled.

I shall not sell, traffic, or catch men for the purpose of slavery – or in any other way participate in the Trade of Slaves. Should my business with the IEC demand that I do this, I shall consider this oath fulfilled.

I shall respect each mans right to his land, his business, and his own life. Should my business with the IEC demand that I offend this right, I shall consider this oath fulfilled.

Should I at any point find that the cargo in my ship is of harm to the innocent, I shall immediately terminate contract, and dump said cargo.

Should I at any point find that the service I, my ship, or my crew, is providing be of unjust nature, I shall immediately terminate contract, and cease this service.

I take this oath, being well-informed of the possible consequences, to aid any member of the IEC, and to expect that the same help be given to me, lest the work at hand require the breaking of this oath.

I hereby swear to be a “Big Damn Hero” – With an aim to misbehave.

Any member of the IEC will be expected to uphold these principles.