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Intergalactic Empire / IEMPIRE

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A organization devoted to every aspect of the StarCitizen universe and to the goal of achieving self-sufficiency through an open structure, strong community and enticing gameplay. The IE is for you who wants to go out into the universe with a fleet of friends and people you can rely on! (Our Forum)


In the year of 2380, when earths governments joined together to become the United Nations of Earth, the industrial companies that existed on earth moved of world to start a new industrial revolution on the newly colonized planets within the UNE. Together they form the Alma Trading Empire and with it they boosted the economical and scientific progress in the UNE that later lead to the terraforming of habitable systems, creating new grounds for the UNE to expand upon. Alma flourished and even doe the political climate started to shake during the 26th century the trading empire kept growing, employing millions, even after the UNE reformed into the United Planets of Earth.

When the Tevarin attacked the year of 2541 the Alma Trading Empire lost hundreds of factories to the Tevarin menace. Without the help of the UPE navy the Alma Trading Empire was almost lost, the last funds that was available was put into researching and producing highly advanced weapons that would later be used to remake the Alma trading fleet to an efficient and deadly military force which later joined Officer Ivar Messer, later to be known as Imperator Messer, in the counter attacks against the Tavarin, leading to the victory of the first and later the second Tavarin War.

After Ivan Messer’s ascent to power, the creation of the United Empire of Earth and later the fall of the Messer dynasty the Alma Trading Empire was established footholds around the universe and reformed to the Intergalactic Empire the year of 2793.


The Intergalactic Empire is a multi-duty organization with the goal of building a self-sufficient empire that is well developed in all of the different professions in the soon to come StarCitizen universe. With its system of squadrons, divisions and squadrons each member can have the opportunity to dive into any preferred profession and form a team with other members of the empire and receive special missions and rewards to further his or her success as a true imperial!


The empire is divided into four different groups of professions; Military, Information, Economy and Industry. Each group is managed by a Viceroy who is charged with ensuring that his or her group is meeting the goals that are set by the Lord Emperor and the administration. Together with the different Overseers, that manage the different divisions of squadrons in the group, the Viceroy sets up different courses of actions for the group so it in turn can accomplish the empires desires.

The empire trusts in its members own judgment and ability to do the best of their own situation. That is why the empire encourage members to decide for themselves how they want to work with their own profession. Overseers and Viceroys will publish optional missions with a set rewards for members to accomplish. Only when the administration arranges special events or during serious situations can members be expected to follow direct orders. These orders most however be approved by the Lord Emperor to be considered as valid orders. Each members’ commitment level is only determined by individual availability and play-style; unless a member is holding a critical position that other members depend on. Members of the administration; the Lord Emperor, the Viceroys, Heads of Branches and Overseers have a set level of commitment that is based on their rank and duties.

In addition to the different groups of professions, the empire also has five different side branches; Diplomacy, Media, Human Resources, Preparatory and Sentinel. These branches focus on specific tasks and areas that includes and goes beyond in-game experience to enhance the empires effectiveness and to meet members’ individual interests. A member who is employed in a Group but also interested in working with internal affair such as politics and events are encouraged to do so. Those members would apply to one of the imperial branches that works with said profession and then be given certain tasks and duties related to that area. For example, a member who works in the Military Group while also acting as an ambassador would then be a part of the Diplomacy Branch and work together with other imperial ambassadors to build relations with other organizations.

Each branch is in turn managed by a Head of Branch who is charged with spearheading new projects and coming up with new ideas to further improve the branch. A member can be a part of several branches but cannot hold more than on Head of Branch-title. Viceroys are also restricted from having this title but not from being a part of a branch.


Imperial – The first rank of the empire, the Imperial is the trader, soldier, explorer and worker that makes everything possible. The most important part of the empire, the Imperial is a main member of the empire that works together with its squadron to put the Intergalactic Empire on the forefront of each profession and every member of the empire can be proud to count themselves one!

Officer – The Imperial Officer is the team leader of its squadron and the one who has been entrusted to lead the way by his fellow imperials to bring fame and fortune to the empire and the squadron. The rank requires a person who can lead by example and coordinate in split seconds while also being able to execute objectives given by the empire, a true imperial to pave the way ahead.

Overseer – The Imperial Overseer can see the opportunity that lays ahead. He can calculate the risk and the profit before setting up the next mission for his division. He ensures that the squadrons are functioning and prepared for what is to come with the next opportunity. He follows the plan set by the empire and is ready to commands his division in fierce times to face the challenge ahead.

Viceroy – The Imperial Viceroy, expert in his field and honorary member of the administration. Oriented by results and progress the Viceroy ensures the empires plan and makes sure that his Imperials have the necessary resources to accomplish their goals by issuing mission and giving clear guidelines on how to move ahead.

Head of Branch – Also an honorary member of the administration, the Head of Branch is an imperial with an exceptional talent that is used to bring every aspect of the empire to its members and allies. An expert on the ideas that makes the foundation of the empire and a team leader the Head of Branch finds new ways for the empire to improve itself on existing and new platforms. Charged with maintaining relations, quality and appearance the Head of Branch improves the empire over and over again.

Emperor – The Emperor, supreme leader over the Intergalactic Empire, the founder and protector of its ideas and goals. The Emperor ensures that the empire remains effective, open and true to its members and the one who empower every imperial so that together the empire can accomplish victory.


Military – The Military Group (MG) is primarily charged with the protection of the empire and secondary charged with helping to the empires allies and partners with their security needs. The MG is also charged with expanding and maintaining imperial territories and trade routes so that the other groups of the empire can operate in peace. The MG will have clear guidelines to find in the imperial code of conduct to follow when protecting and ensuring imperial interest. Members of the MG are free offer themselves as mercenaries to other employers if it does not violate any standing imperial code.

Duties that are included in the Military Group; Fighter Pilots, Medical Teams, Carrier Personal and Ground Soldiers. Additional duties will be added to the MG as the game progresses.

Economy – The Economy Group (EG) is the logistic side of the empire that transports imperial goods and sells them at the best locations for the best prices. It is the main income source for the empire and it handles all of the different transactions made by the IE. Member of the EG will map the market and make requests or suggestions to the Industry Group when they have found new ways to earn more. Traders that work within the EG are also free to offer their services to other organization as long as they comply with current trade regulations. The empire currently considers no substance, material or resource to be unacceptable for trading and members are there for free to engage any transaction open to them.

Duties that are included in the Economy Group; Traders, Transporters, Financial Administrators and Logistic Administrators. Additional duties will be added to the EG as the game progresses.

Information – The Information Group (IG) deals in exploration and scouting missions. Members of this group paves the way for the other groups to conquer, work and trade. IG members are unlike the other groups not allowed to sell any type of information regarding locations or routs to other members as this goes directly against the imperial code. If information is to be sold it has to be validated by the groups Viceroy.

Duties that are included in the Information Group; Explorers and Specialist Personal. Additional duties will be added to the IG as the game progresses.

Industry – The Industry Group (IDG) is the running machine of the empire. This group works with construction, mining, salvaging and manufacturing of all sorts of products to be sold and used by the empire. Members of the IDG will come and settle in regions that the IE control, harvest the resources and refine them to finally build the ships, weapons and materials that will put the empire on map edge

Duties that are included in the industry Group; Miners, Engineers and Scientists. Additional duties will be added to the IDG as the game progresses.


Diplomacy – As a member of the Diplomacy Branch you will be charged with maintaining certain diplomatic relations with other organizations and is expected to attend official meetings with other emissaries. There you would express the empires interests and negotiate with other counter-parts for lasting friendly relations.

Media – The Media Branch is charged with maintaining the official appearance of the empire while also working on several platforms to promote it. Making videos, art-work and stories are examples of different areas a member of the Media Branch would work with!

Human Resources – The Human Resources Branch works with administrating ranks, recruitments and internal personal changes within the empire. Members of the HRB will seek to recruit new members to the IE and help them find the right profession and squadron.

Preparatory – As the empire organize internal and inter-organizational events the Preparatory Branch will be charged with acting as host and commentary for the events. Members of the Preparatory Branch will also be the people who plan future events and summit them as suggestions to the administration.

Sentinel – The Sentinel Branch is dedicated to those imperials who show exceptional talent and dedication to their profession and the empire. Imperials who are given the title of “Sentinel” have proven this by either accomplishing harsh missions or by any remarkable feat. Members of the Sentinel Branch are those the empire will select to represent it in official contests and events.


The Intergalactic Empires by-laws:

- No members are to engage any aggression against allies or factions that the Intergalactic Empire has diplomatic relations or discussions with.

- All members of the Intergalactic Empire must have the empire as its main organization. (This by-law will be put into effect close to game release)

- Every member have the right to defend themselves if engaged from any aggressor.

- Members will not engage in any diplomatic discussions for the empire without the approval from the Emperor, Viceroy or Head of Diplomacy.

- Members are charged with maintaining the integrity and privacy of information within the Intergalactic Empire.

- Members with the rank of; Overseer, Viceroy or Head can not be a part of another organization. Members with a rank lower than Overseer are free to have other organizations as their secondary organization.

- Members may only form a imperial squadron if they have a existing team of at least four members.

- A imperial squadron can only have a maximum of 20 members.